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 Passion - YT 1
  Release Date: 20 December 1993
  Limitation: 500

   On the way to the garden of destiny
   The place of final consciousness
   I shall walk this path alone
   Fear: Beads of sweat as dark as blood
   The power which gives me strength is from another world
   I submit myself to my destiny
   As old as mankind: slander + treason
   Alone, even on the last path
   And the earth was desolate and void. It was dark
   Out of nothing a new hope was born
   And the lord said: "let there be light - and behold there was light"

  music written by Peter Kuhlmann and Jürgen Rehberg

I was really happy to be able to get this. For those who don't know, Yesterday Tomorrow is a label dedicated to the classical side of ambient and vice versa. To quote PN, "With this label, we try to connect the old music with the future of music. Basically our aim is to show that ambient is not only a new music born from the techno culture of our days but more a sound which was there from the beginning." Passion starts out slow with a monotone of slow chords while a beautiful soprano breaks over (Elisabeth Michels I assume) adding a subtle melody. This first track is quite beautiful- breaking in to a somber chiming bell sound that starts track 2. The series of tracks following form a slow, moving adagio- somber yet very beautiful. Again the voices join in. Wow, this is really good. Tracks 8 and 9 are perhaps the darkest but it is quite magical. And, following the track titles, "Behold..there was light.." and we drift off to a shimmering conclusion. Fantastic!! This is brilliant. Going along with Keith and Anthony, this is a classic. *****

(review by rdudley)

Namlook uses his real name (get it-Kuhlmann = Namlook backwards) on this one. The sound here is much more emotional and melodic, yet still recognizable Namlook ambience. This is probably the closest he's come to new-agey kind of stuff, but it's not really. If you can't tell by the song titles, it's "The destiny of the man whom they called the 'Messiah'". It starts out very solemn and stark. It gets darker until (5) where a female voice signifying power from beyond lightens things up a little. It gets darker and depressing until the end of (9) where it pauses for a second, and lighter sounds come in-- the sounds of renewal and purity. This disc is very much like a story and when listened to in the right mood, is very fulfilling. Hopefully the next offering "Wandering Soul" is just as good.

(review by jonathan takagi)


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