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Special thanks to:

For contributing reviews directly:

  • Ian Ainslie
  • Rowland Atkinson
  • Auraphage
  • Stephen Fruitman
  • No@h Jurcin
  • Sven Koessler
  • Maximilien Lincourt
  • Ian Malbon
  • Paul Milligan
  • Eddie O'Hanlon
  • Wolfgang Röttger
  • Arjan de Ruyter
  • Roy SeGuine

For contributing his (massive) archive of reviews:

  • Alan Singh

For scanning and providing the artwork images:

  • Ian Malbon
  • Roy SeGuine
  • stm
  • Ralf Stahlberg
  • Sven Koessler

For supplying tracklistings:

  • Graham Banting
  • Marcus Beckmann
  • Brian Behlendorf
  • Mike Bennett
  • Steve Bond
  • Kostadin Brandisky
  • Dave Brunelle
  • Evan Buckroyd
  • Gerry Clarke
  • Dr. Fungus
  • Gary Hendershot
  • No@h Jurcin
  • Shawn Ledbetter
  • Link
  • Brad McKibben
  • R Oswalt
  • Duane Ott
  • Prince of Space
  • Riccardo
  • Tim Wright (last, but certainly not least)

For other, miscellaneous reasons:

  • Peter Kuhlmann (duh)
  • CUE (faxlabel's delegate on the internet, etc.)
  • Will-E and Andre (fellow faxlabel webmaster-advocates)
  • Mike Brown (help with hyperreal review archive)
  • Tim and Andrew (both from s6--for infrastructure and technical insight)
  • Bryan and WillN (both for rocking hot CoLo action)
  • monkey.org (for providing the original hosting location, and for continuing to host the 2350.org mail services)

We can't possibly have remembered everyone, so if you feel you should be on this list, but aren't, please accept our apologies, and let us know!

About your hosts

Stewart is an extinct amphibian. He has written several articles for Cat Fancy magazine about subharmonic distortion. He has singlehandedly hindered the industrial development of several small European nations. His hobbies include backgammon, narcolepsy, and soup.
He is the right brain of 2350.org.

Warren is a time-traveling 1920's oil baron and railroad tycoon. He is an Aquarius, except during heavy sunspot activity, when he becomes a Leo. He is a big fan of the ambient rock sextet 'Hoo Hecker.' His interests include mice, sundials, and copyright infringement.
He is the left brain of 2350.org.

your hosts
[L to R: Warren, Stewart]
(photo by AJ, July 2000)


The machinery of 2350.org was written in PHP and hosted through the Apache web server (both open-source), all running on Mac OS X Server. All discographical information (not including tracklistings) was contained in an open-source product, the MySQL database.

These days, however, the site is served up statically -- we had a disk crash and no recent backup of the database. Ah well. Life goes on. A new version is in the works, anyway.

Furthermore, if you are curious about this sort of thing, this entire site is HTML 4.01 Strict compliant, as well as CSS compliant. Stewart and Warren love complying with specifications--even more than they love FAX.

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