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 Season's Greetings - Summer - SEA 03
  Release Date: 28 June 1995
  Limitation: 1000

   Summer     59.31

  composed by Pete Namlook

This is my first Seasons Greetings disc. Charles had told me that it was very good and it is. Since I can't really compare it to the other Seasons Greetings, I'll use what other Namlook material I have. My first Initial impressions of the first 2 tracks was pretty much the same as when I heard Shades of Orion 2 for the first time. The cd opens with two men discussing the deserts of this planet (ours?) and some environmental disaster that must have occurred. Hmm...then we enter some shimmering atmospheres in the Shades vein. Very nice. But then track 2 became a bit more intimate- with a really nice guitar-like melody coming through the drones- not too much though, and that works very nicely in keeping with the spacey theme that opens this disc. Track 3 brings in a thunder storm with plenty of water...some might find this a bit boring, but I think it works great as a build of sorts for the guitar that comes in again in track 4. Again, the guitar is not too obtrusive into the over all mood of the piece, but adding a nice amount of subtlety. There is a crack of thunder then a really nice chilled beat drops in, with some deep bass that grows progressively louder and louder- quite intense for something so chilled. Then drops in another shimmering melody over all that. Wow. :) Things then fade away into the guitar and melodies which continue to the end of the piece. I think the best word for me to describe this is serene. The whole disc is really beautiful, and without a dull moment. An excellent late night disc with a great amount of depth. This is one of the strongest releases I have bought to date. A+

(review by rdudley)

Summer is as summer does. No really, this CD is a good bedtime CD - definitely ambient and moody. I love the rain on track three, but it isn't enough to hold my interest in the CD. Listen to this on a night when sleep just won't come. 8.5/10

(review by Michael Lekas)

This time divided more clearly than the last three into seven different parts. Very beautiful music which is a joy to meditate to. Long and clear sounds in the upper tonal area, a solo guitar, environmental sounds (emanating perhaps from an EMS?), a slightly dubbed beat coming in on number five growing more concrete towards the end of the track, the album ending with pure chordal bliss. An album which really grows on you.

(review by Christian)


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