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The Four Seasons

 Season's Greetings - The Four Seasons - SEA 00
  Release Date: 2 September 1996
  Limitation: 2000

   Spring      18.30
   Summer      18.30
   Autumn      18.30
   Winter      18.30

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook

The 4 Seasons cd rounds up Namlook's previous spring/summer/autumn/winter releases, devoting 18 minutes and 30 seconds to each season. Spring opens the compilation with sampled birdsong and dark atmospherics, symbolizing the "awakening nature" of the season. Certainly an isolationist piece it is highly reminiscent of both the Heavenly Music Corporation's more beatless tunes and bizarrely Jean Michel Jarre's Waiting for Cousteau. Next up is summer, beginning where spring left off with deep ambient tones radiating warmth, before the heavens open and the sound of rainfall can be heard. Pete then picks up his guitar for a spot of ultra chilled strumming. The rain slowly subsides with the track going full cycle to its atmospheric conclusion. Autumn follows in an entirely different vein with the sound of wind, whilst that trademark Namlook arpeggiated synth riff introduces itself, building to a climax towards the middle of the track before dropping off again - perhaps a bit too familiar to fans of many of his other solo pieces. Bringing the disc to its conclusion is of course winter. Again, this track is deeply isolationist, with metallic synth tones describing the "cold and clear" environment. The track goes nowhere, but perhaps that's the point. This music encourages deep thought, labeled in the words of the man himself, "electronic impressionism environmental music". Cool.

(review by Andrew Walker)


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