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Outland 5

 Outland 5 - PW 51
  Release Date: 21 March 2007
  Limitation: 500

   Outland Exploration       10.45
   An Intelligent Force       6.34
   Object Approaching         8.51
   n-Dimensional             17.44
   The Origin                13.35

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook & Bill Laswell

At first, I didn't really like this one: too fussy, too unrelaxed. But after a few plays it grows on you. I still prefer the beatless tracks, particularly The Origin, to the others but there's a lot to discover here.

Outland Exploration starts out calmly, with vocal samples reminiscent of Subharmonic Interference and some live bass playing by Laswell. Object Approaching and n-Dimensional are the ones that put me off first. But they do have something, coming across like scifi-movie soundtracks overlaid with a treated drumbeat. The first track ends with a few sombre bass notes, giving it even more of a scifi feel. My only gripe is that they sound too much the same, and therefore take up too much of this disc. After 25 minutes of this, The Origin comes as a welcome breather. It starts with treated muezzin voices (I guess) and turns into a beautiful tune, a floating synth-organ bathed in echo. The last track combines (untreated) drum beat, muezzin voices and live bass playing -- upping the tempo from the previous track but retaining the relaxed atmosphere.

(review by Autonomy)


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