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 Sultan - Orhan - PW 47
  Release Date: 26 October 2004
  Limitation: 1000

   Nerden Geliyorsun      49.20 
    Part I-VII

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook and Burhan Öçal

And so we come bang up to date. The third collaboration between PK and Burhan Öçal is, at the time of writing, the latest release on any of the three main Fax labels, and consists of a single track, divided into seven parts.

Part I - Inital chaotic percussion gives way to high-tempo, almost manic rhythmic intensity, at first musically accompanied, then vocally. At eleven and a half minutes, this comes in as the longest part.

Part II - Still upbeat and rhythmic, but the music is very much the star here, dazzling playing by Mr Öçal steals the show.

Parts III and IV - Rhythms take a back seat to atmosphere in a brief third part, while a calming voice arrives to soothe us in the fourth, presumable telling us about the Sultan from which the disc takes its name. Namlook's musical influence is discernible for the first time in these parts, albeit mainly as a lurking presence in the background.

Part V - Öçal plays.

Part VI - More vocal high jinks, from what I fondly imagine to be the Turkish scatman, and a return to the upbeat nature of the beginning of the disc. The vocals take a break, replaced by more raucous trumpet playing (well OK, I know it probably isn't a trumpet, but it sounds like one!) before returning to lead the piece to its conclusion.

Part VII - The final part opens with an Öçal solo before somewhat unexpectedly turning into another manic rhythm-fest, with menacing and reverential vocals thrown in for good measure.

Verdict - Not very far removed from the first two installments (although I feel PK takes more of a back seat this time), but hey, if it ain't broke.....(7/10)

(review by Martin Jones)


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