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Planetarium 2

 Planetarium 2 - PW 42
  Release Date: 22 November 1999
  Limitation: 2000

   Moontrip                    11.45
   Start Process               10.23
   Urgent Message               2.54
   MIR Station - Selektor       8.36
   Space Casino                 4.17
   6 Beta 9 Answer              3.44
   Spirit Preparation           8.53
   Space Ballet                 3.48
   225                          2.43

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook and Lakoff, Igr Ver

Second collaboration of Pete and the New Composers from St. Petersburg. Their first album 'Astra' (which appeared on Aquarian, not on FAX) was unique and strange with its fusion of russian classical and folk music with electronic sounds, but interesting somehow. Their FAX debut 'Smart' I didn't like that much because it was like a reissue of 'Astra' (except for the nice space track 'Long SQ' with Brian Eno). Together with Pete on Planetarium I it became more interesting again, but still not as good as it got on this release! It starts with the more minimal tracks that are nice drifting pieces, but nothing compared to the second half of the album which is outstanding! On 'Space Casino' samples from Carmina Burana meet a deadly subbass and tight beats, 'Spirit Prepatation' is the definitive space anthem, and the other tracks are just fabulous fusions... Hope there will be Planetarium III with more of this stuff!

(review by Wolfgang Röttger)


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