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 Planetarium - PW 38
  Release Date: 15 June 1998
  Limitation: 2000

   Life on Mars                     3.14
   There Is Not Another World       6.48
   Echnaton                         3.27
   Waters of Love                   3.45
   Tetra                            5.55
   Musika i slowa                   3.22
   Indigo                           4.07
   The Second Sector                3.22
   In the Memory of Magnitola       3.16
   Una                              3.15
   Bellan                           2.37
   Shadows of Shadows               7.00

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook and Lakoff, Igr Ver
   except 11 written by Lakoff, Igr Ver

Not sure what I was expecting here. Because of the use of the word 'composer' I was kind of expecting some kind of classical/ambient variant. However, what we get is something indefinably cooler with occasional alien-like vocals twisted around subtle electronica and lush atmospheres. There are a large range of styles with several tracks standing out as just plain beautiful - one in particular where a father talks to his young child about the enormity of the universe. Musika i Slowa sets an almost music hall vocal stab against electro lush bleeps and an upbeat moody piano line that gets you tapping your feet. Indigo sounds like Aphex Twin as he used to with flutes overlaying a sweeping orchestral style that is truly uplifting and fresh. The fact that there are twelve tracks is appealing since it gets us away from the older formulas of winding and sometimes monotonous long pieces. It also squeezes more ideas out of the 'composers' - I wonder if we will hear some more from these people

(review by Rowland Atkinson)

Quite eclectic. 'Waters of Love' is actually a song with lyrics. 'Musika i slowa' has female and male vocals singing the word 'Musika' offset by crazy piano samples. 'Indigo' has that Namlook space jazz feel, and 'In the Memory of Magnitola' has a very nice vocal sample.

Those Namlook chords arise on 'Echnaton' and 'The Second Sector' but Lakoff and Igver bring an experimental touch that sets them off nicely. Namlook doesn't drag anything out for too long as he tends to do, the longest song is only seven minutes. And best of all, there's none of that jazz fusion style guitar that crops up on From Within 3 and really ruined the disc for me.

Even though it's his most varied release it works really well as an album and the production is excellent. This looks like it might be one of my favorite Namlook related discs. It ranks up there with Jet Chamber 1, Sultan and Summer.

(review by David)


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