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 Ozoona - PW 30
  Release Date: 15 July 1996
  Limitation: 2000

   She Ship             11.24
   Flat Pack            12.58
   Blackbird Suite      17.41
   The Hunt             11.22

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook and Rob Gordon

This disc mixes deep bass and some twittering techno to great effect in places but ultimately is blasted away by the fourth track, The Hunt, which almost spoils the whole album. Only listen to the first three tracks, however, and you have an album in the same vein as SHADO or the last track on Modular Green, ambience with warmth and purpose, even if the tracks are longer than the ideas which underpin them. Not a classic but one that gets a more regular spin than some others.

(review by Rowland Atkinson)

the disc is a nice blend of ambience and some light and funky trance. it is older styled trance, yet this is different than the typical trance in the day. there seems to be an acid jazzy feel to all of the tracks. the music is actually beautiful in many areas.

track two is is a nice mellow IDM piece. the electronics are lush sounding, with a subtle hypnotic warm bass. the ambience is simple sounding, but the namlook synth samples take this album to a new level. bright sounding, with the blend of bass and sporadic beats.

track three turns into some light hearted drum and bass. its gleems forward into some drifting IDM. danceable, yet melodic enough to dream away. this track changes a few times, yet never straying from its original sound.

track four is some drawn out dark ambient mixed with some psychotic synths. there is a more incoherent direction mounted with some noisey chaos sounding samples. it settles down and ends with a nice flowing manner.

over all this is a really nice disc. laid back, mellow and ready to chill with.

(review by jackthetab)

One of the most baffling discs to come out of the Fax stable, Ozoona contains three tracks of bliss and a fourth that's so mismatched it's disappointing. The first three tracks on this disc are nearly three-quarters of an hour of Warp beats, lush chords and Namlook filter-fest sprinkled liberally with bloopy, bleepy melodies that are so catchy you'll have them in your head for days. Some of the most beautiful music Fax has ever produced is contained within these three tracks, and that's why the fourth feels like such a letdown. "The Hunt" consists of eight and a half minutes of industrial clanks, electrical buzzing and rattling, and synth bleeps that puts a lot of drum & bass to shame, followed by gloomy ambient noise and irritating beeping that rounds out the track's total 11 minutes. This provides a dissatisfying end to an otherwise perfect album, but by no means should dissuade Faxheads from picking it up...just program your CD player to omit the last track and carry on like usual.

(review by Stewart Fritz)


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