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Wechselspannung 2

 Wechselspannung 2 - PW 23
  Release Date: 4 December 1995
  Limitation: 1000

   10 KW            22.08
   Hausanchluß      20.12
   100 KW           15.15

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook and Jonah Sharp

If I'm not mistaken, the German word Wechselspannung means "alternating voltage" which is a fairly good description of this music.

(1) 10 KW 22.08 Starts with spaceship sounds. Then some glitchy sounding tics start and the beat kicks in. At first it's real high pitched, tinny sounding, and bouncing left and right, a rather strange effect on headphones. Then some sci-fi sounding lasers start adding to the overall collage of rhythm. There's not much more to this track then the collage of rhythm and the strange sci-fi effects.

(2) HAUSANSCHLUß 20.12 Sadly enough, track 2 is hardly distinguishable from track 1. Lots of spacey sci-fi sounds, tinny, high-pitched clicks for beats that are just all over the place. Sounds like robots communicating. Track 2 does have more synth parts floating around in the background but still, it's a little much with the strange sounds.

(3) 100 KW 15.15 Probably the best track on the CD and I don't know if that's because it's the shortest or just less irritating then the others. More sci-fi effects along with a fairly steady beat and some space invaders sounds. Just like tracks 1 &2 for the most part but the beat parts are less tinny and less high-pitched and the track sounds a little more 'normal' then the other 2.

Overall impression: If spacey alien hybrid sci-fi techno is your thing, or you can handle strange sounding techno then get this one. A little too spacey for my tastes but a fascinating listen.

(review by Steve Luckabaugh)


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