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A New Consciousness

 A New Consciousness - PW 10
  Release Date: 10 February 1994
  Limitation: 500

   Environment (twosevenzero)      19.01
   Tabletop (foursixone)            9.19
   Golden Gate (fivefourone)       18.24
   Tea with Ivor Cutler            13.50

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook and Charles Uzzell-Edwards

Track 1: Environment (twosevenzero) - sounds like I'm on the Funway (Ah Clem) and that one haunting tone keeps dripping on my forehead like a pleasurable Chinese torture. A lowwww pattern gets going with happy flute like sounds overlayed. I like how everything starts dropping out around 15:30 and leaves the "drums" sequencing, then back to flute sounds again, fade....

Track 2: Tabletop (foursixone) - did someone open the window? Did someone amplify a screw rolling across the table? It's getting very cold and metallic in here. Someone's trying to flick a bic.

Track 3: Golden Gate (fivefourone) - Ahhhhh... trebly bass harmonic trance plus airy namlook drum machine rhythms + thuds. The middle section reveals an impending doom with those menacing crescendo-ing fog horns. Then enter a synth 3 over 4 that stencils around that trebly bass harmonic trance again at 12:38.

Track 4: So far I haven't been able to get into drinking Tea With Ivor Cutler. errhr I've chultugh been rahahar mad redruM for aarrhg bebublza fuc%ing garrglg years nwarrlck. Maybe this tea needs to cool down a bit before I try another sip. Stop laughing, I say, and tell that frog to pipe down.

(review by Roy SeGuine)


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