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Alien Community

 Alien Community - PW 06
  Release Date: 22 September 1993
  Limitation: 500

   Interdimensional Communication      1.05.30

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook and Jonah Sharp

Not for the faint of heart as it is very minimal and repetitive, but it has the best spacey feel of any record I can think to name, it rocks, and it's so brilliantly, interestingly structured that even an hour into a fairly repetitive song, I am engrossed.

(review by einexile)

I have had this on CD for years and it has always stood out to me. It builds momentum up over a long period and finally culminates in a long period of echoing, pulsing motion, then winds back down for a chill-out phase. It's exceptionally good music, beyond category, that I think will appeal to just about anyone.

(review by Scott McFarland)

This is a collaboration between Jonah Sharp (AKA Space Time Continuum) and Peter Namlook (the Steven King of Deutsches-Electronik-Maschine-Musik). I presume the intrepid and deep of pocket bought this last year on import, but it's new to me, and for my money, this kicks some serious ass.

This is not the dreamy-hippy Jonah Sharp, or the wistful fin-de-siecle Peter Namlook. There is a fantastic section of very danceable bleepitude that kicks in near the end of nameless-track-4 and continues through nameless-track-5. This is Miles Davis Live at the Filmore realized on electronic gear.

(review by Kent Williams)


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