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 SOL - Stardust - PS 08/99
  Release Date: 12 February 2003
  Limitation: 2000

   Stardust (Club Mix)          7.36
   Time & Space                 5.17
   Venus                        6.50
   Moon 44                      6.42
   Stardust (Elektro Mix)       4.46
   Everybody                    7.22
   Cosmic Lines                 8.00
   Planet X                     9.03
   Stardust (Vocal Mix)         4.01

  all tracks written by Christian Schek and Ramin Naghachian

Starts off with an "epic" sequence of space samples. It then turns into a techno track. The beat is rather flat, and the consistent beat creates a trance. The trance is not really bad, but it does sound rather dated. Around -4:10, the track reach a certain amazing quality.

The music starts to sound rather "clubby" with the female vocal sample in track three. The clubish trance is rather mellow and one can easily chill out to it.

Track four opens with a movie sample I presume? It then mixes some nice trance material. The music is very much dancefloor material. It reminds me of the trance circa 1995-1997, and yet the melody at times can sound so amazing.

Track five appears to be a remix of the opening track. The track strays into a rather upbeat quirky techno opening. Samples swirl around your head creating a happy glow.

Track six has some good melodies, but does not remain all that memorable. It has a rather dark sound, and induces a hypnotic state.

Track seven starts off with a synth solo, and slowly mixing in some techno melodies and flirting electronic samples. A nice mixture of techno and ambient synth. With -1:45 the track peaks.

Track eight is a minimal trance track. It is lo-key, yet, infectious. The music is laid back and mellow, and one could still dance to it. Check out -1:55, a nice techno groove revolving around a simple echoed male vox sample.

Track nine has a different sound. A female vocal takes hold of the music. With -1:46 a beat kicks in. It is more techno sounding with some drawn out ambient melodies.

Interesting Fax release. Not your typical Fax sound, yet it is refreshing stray away from the more ambient sounds.

(review by jackthetab)

I really like ambient, but after a long day, or on Friday, Tetsu and friends are kindly shelved and the beats go in. Stardust fits nicely! It's all about this happy trance with massive amounts of sweet strings, a mesmerizing female voice telling you all kind of irrelevancies about your destiny, groovy organs with shouts of "everybody" -- it could as well have been "come on," stretched acid drops, and of course pitched up BPMs.

Stardust doesn't sound new at all, on the contrary, it sounds so gently familiar and makes me think of early nineties where things like Oliver Lieb's Paragliders stringed around on the Superstition label. Humate, Union Jack... they all come back to me!

Stardust is absolutely delicious unsophisticated trance and the only thing I regret is the fact the album is not a non-stop mix affair and the rather pointless electro section.

(review by Jean-Marc Dekesel)


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