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 Octopus 2 - PS 08/84
  Release Date: 5 August 1996
  Limitation: 1000

   Thankfully, Coming from Upper Cwntwrch it Doesn't Apply       7.10
   A Time of Running (Celtic)                                    1.26
   Emotional Rescue                                              1.53
   Steal My Fathers Painting Would You ? Take That !            12.33
   Virgo (September 3rd 1968)                                    8.31
   'Sedagive' ? Give him a 'Sedagive' ?!!      
   Technology (We Represent)                                     4.28
   Arizona Fountain                                              1.59
   Freshie Pow Pow                                               8.36
   Sunset Song (Milennium Party in Brazil)                       8.38
   Point Reyes Anthem                                           17.04

  all tracks written by Charles Uzzell-Edwards

A different animal from that which C.U.E was examining on the first release. This disc shows a wider variety of styles and more humour, in the track titles if not the music. In some respects the album begins in the same way as Octopus 1with light rhythms and lengthy patches of silence but this gives way to ambient warblings, drones and drums in the madly inspiring title of 'Steal my fathers painting would you? Take that!'. Virgo is another minor cracker but of a completely different style. An almost ecclesiastical loop sets a sombre, but not slow, tone which is driven by a slow hi hat and church organ (a little like that from KLF's Chill Out) as the bass kicks in more forcefully. The sombre tone is accentuated by a sub-title in the liner notes which states 'Give racism the boot'. We are back to the lighter side of life with 'Sedagive' which combines a giant bass dub with cut up vocal samples. Point Reyes Anthem is stunning. I can't help but set this is in a bit more context, I was sitting reading and letting the pleasant wash of this ditty just breeze around the room when this idiot interrupted with a massive bass beat blaring from his car window, as I got up to go and see who it was I realized that even on such a low volume this pulsing monster was coming from my speakers. This Octopus certainly made me laugh but I also think it stands up to wider scrutiny. Those who might have been disappointed with the first are unlikely to be by this one, as Octopi (!) go this one is pretty rare so don't wait too long.

(review by Rowland Atkinson)


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