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 Redeye - Arizona Tracks - PS 08/83
  Release Date: 3 June 1996
  Limitation: 1000

   Arizona Tracks      47.36

  all tracks written by Redeye

Someone said I should get this disc because it was his favourite IDM disc of the year. I wouldn't go that far perhaps but this is a great disc. The cover is of an Arizona landscape (the sub-title is 'Arizona tracks') as viewed through mescaline goggles perhaps or from a very fast car at dusk. This is one track, one which flows, bounces and moves through a series of dance-oriented moods often with an ambient vibe behind it. There is a lot going on here, voices like Timothy Leary's insert paranoid ramblings and noises and echoes permeate the overall fabric of the music. Pay attention to the bass here, shooting bass beats overlaid with bird songs making for a chatty mood setting the general pace for the disc in general. This opens up later into darker soundscapes that shift back again toward the end when it comes back together to the up-beat start of the music. Things don't evolve here, they change and the originality of Redeye makes it stand out, to my mind, in the FAX catalogue. This disc will keep your attention if turned up or make for a pacey form of muzak. Finally, what *is* a Redeye?

(review by Rowland Atkinson)

one of the fax titles I had gotten the first year I had heard of FAX. Does not get much of a listen....

some electronic experimental doodling starts the disc off. some interesting stereo effects making a complete circle around you head...soon enough we are introduced to some funky beats. The chaos blends nicely. The beat is very uptempo, but not so much in the typical fax trance sound.

A melody takes form and takes command. It brings you through a journey, a blissful look into the world of something sounding musically different. It makes for a good early morning after a rave disc. The samples a very intricate in sound.

it has moments of "ambience", but while not overall impressing, bring in some nice beats. The thing that fails the most with the ambient parts, is that they seem to have no real direction. This disrupts the flow of the music, especially the nice progression that the chaos, leading to the beats and beyond had set forth. With 3:57 into track 7, it kicks into something very beautiful. It would be the light of the cd.

Track nine again breaks into some weird funky beat...its a very nice beat that becomes addicting. There are some interesting samples that carried throughout the track, and the samples that build around it. Its fresh and innovated. Also brings in some weird wishy washy water sounds....interesting experience.

track thirteen again, sounds rather promising. The mellow beat's transition is very nice. It no sooner starts and begins to build into a more blissful sounding existence.

the cd ends with some more chaotic electronic experimentalism and with a very brightening synth in the background. It is this synth line that could have made for a wonderful ending...however it ends rather abruptly.

Some may find this an uneasy disc to digest. Its not really all that bad. Some of the "ambient" tracks tend to drag the cd down a bit, it has very rewarding moments.

(review by jackthetab)

Very quirky, interesting IDM that's just one 47-minute track that contains about 17 different stages. While off-beat percussion predominates, there are also ambient themes interspersed with the oddness, simply melodic passages, amongst other things that all come forth very unexpectedly. Nothing stays around for very long at all here, there's almost no extended evolution to any of the sections. It's all very momentary and subtle, catch that chord while you can 'cause it's not going to show up again! Overall a very fun and burbly disc, but can get repetitive under repeated consecutive listenings due to its short length and lack of evolutional depth. Works best for me as something only heard rarely, it's a really good little oddity to bring out just every once in a while....but definitely worth owning.

(review by Auraphage)


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