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 Sad World 3 - PS 08/82
  Release Date: 11 September 1995
  Limitation: 1000

   Iskander      13.05
   Shirin        30.25
   Khorasan      19.05

  all tracks written by Dr. Atmo and Ramin

This is a much, much, more mature effort than it's illustrious predecessors. Iskander synchronizes experimental, industrial noises (that don't jar) with understated, operatic sampling and muffled (oh so marginally off-tempo) kick beats. Checking in at an ambitious thirty minutes the melancholy Shirin epitomizes the spirit of the Sad World series, an epic journey stopping off in many ports. The sounds are textural, cyclic and undulating - this is a journey I never tire of taking. Khorasan divides into two parts: initially we are introduced to the central theme around which our protagonists build a structure, ever increasing in it's complexity and sucking in the listener with it's multi layered rhythms and rich harmonies. At the back end we are treated to one of the most irresistible pieces of almost-dub on the label ... anyone for ethnic space funk? If it's not out of print yet it jolly well should be.

Alas "No more Sad World".

(review by Paul Milligan)

It's been quite a while since we were given the last installment (a year?), and the two sinister collaborators have worked hard and efficient with this one (I imagine). Three long tracks (13/30/19) and "Iskander" opens with a steady kick, some burbling and some synth effects, and then the chords and choir come in. Breaks it down to chords and some environmental sounds before ending it. "Shirin" is the longest track, and here we have some beautiful chords for five minutes, until a staccato filtered synth (MIDI-gated, I suppose) enters. Along with it; an unidentifiable sample and some light percussion, which gets more and more hectic. Continues with removing some elements and adding new and mixing these in and out for another 15 minutes. Excellent! Buy this CD and listen to the third track yourself, so I don't have to describe it. End status: Awaiting number four.

(review by Christian)

a cut above the last one. first track very experimental, incorporating warbling melodies and forceful, high-resolution knob-fodder. never really goes anywhere in particular, but the sounds are so interesting and the ways in which the various elements are strung together (e.g. permutated) makes for very rapt listening.

second track is the key; reminiscent of the last disc with field samples of chants and bustling village noises, but atmo has thankfully gotten over his 808 fixation and the weak beats are gone, replaced by shifting melodies and rhythms not unlike the second track from sad world 1 (the one that begins with a sample about pacific northwest loggers and the american environmental movement's attempts to preserve its existence). it's quite lengthy (over 30 min.), but again the textural, rhythmic, and harmonic elements are so expertly interwoven as to remain interesting the whole way through.

third track took more time for me to warm up to, but i'm slowly getting it. not familiar enough with it to post a review from memory, so the above two will have to do...

(review by Sean Cooper)


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