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 Octopus - PS 08/79
  Release Date: 6 November 1995
  Limitation: 1000

   Chill in (Lowrider)                         5.18
   Mosh                                        8.51
   Mile Long Grand Canyon Bra Chain            3.28
   Whathefugulookigat                          4.06
   Island (Gardening Club Anthem)              9.42
   Strobelight                                 8.17
   Popcorn (Pacific Daylight Time)             7.53
   Giving up Skenge (Macrodub)                 
   Love (For Martha)                           9.01
   Why Can't We All Get Along in Harmony       2.25

Man Charlie, it sounds even better at home! about time we heard you on your own. The fresh sounding environmental sound collages and the innovative use of rhythm & beat put me somewhere else entirely! wow.

(review by Will-E)

i like it. if you're into with the "a new consciousness" or "create" releases, then this might be up your alley. the name 'octopus' comes from his patchbay/MIDI router/whatever. weirdo 'environmental' ambiences, with the stress on '-mental'. the odd analogy drum machine makes a guess appearance or two. although i've never been to SF, much less CUE's house, i imagine that the records kinda sounds like his place, or at least what he would like his place to sound like. no real catchy anythings going on...this is strictly abstract business with a few low-level melodics to keep things rolling. imagine Carl Stone on a skateboard with a spliff and a portable DAT.

(review by Chef Goomaker)


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