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 Xangadix 2 - PS 08/73
  Release Date: 10 July 1995
  Limitation: 1000

   Space Solex                10.45
   Electric Eyes               7.43
   Rubicon                     6.42
   Biopace                     7.52
   Marmus                      9.10
   Surrounded by Mystery       7.36
   Harmonic Brack              8.32

  all tracks written by Pino and Wildjamin
   except 4 written by Pino, Wildjamin and Christophe Groneberg

The acid squiggles to be found on part 1 return but with some orchestral backing to the first track which works nicely. If you like the first release this one is not as strong but in general works as a chilled out dance cd. Unfortunately there isnt enough in the way of ideas and new sounds to make me want to listen to it on a regular basis.

(review by Rowland Atkinson)

In two words: acid & trance.

In a few more words: Xangadix 2 brings you carefully engeneered beats roaring in the deep sub area. Large speakers requested here or all you'll get is "Whoep" instead of "Oh my God, where is this bassline taking me?" It is not the kind of keep on rollin'trance but here beats are thrown in, mostly broken and in a pair - the second propelling the first further - multi layered and crystal clear.

The only exception are the last two tracks carried by an ordinary beat, but, as if to prove that there's nothing wrong with ordinary, they even added "handclap" (!) delivering honest acid trance tracks, the last one even being hardtrance.

"Biospace" is about orchestral strings similar to most of Craig Armstrong's earlier soundtracks. Is that a compliment? Euhh... maybe, but it doesn't fit a 100% on this album.

Anyway, the only sad thing about this trance album is that it ends.

(review by Jean-Marc Dekesel)


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