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 Solphax - Globaline - PS 08/71
  Release Date: 12 June 1995
  Limitation: 1000

   Spectrum                 2.55
   Detroit is Waiting       7.57
   Hemispherical Sink       7.59
   Sunrise                  7.16
   Rockwool Airport         8.01
   Ether Nose               4.58
   Loop End Devil           4.47
   P-Machine                3.50
   S-pac-e                  1.41
   Pixel                    7.08 
   4UV                     11.23
   Birds Day                6.05

  all tracks written by Victor Sol

Mr Sol's only solo effort on Fax, from way back in 95. This doesn't often get a spin and hardly ever a mention here yet, it's a good release. Okay, there's some pretty 'difficult' weirdness on a couple of tracks in the middle part (this is Victor Sol, after all) but, that aside, I still enjoy it ... for best Sol check out either Aerial Service Area or, +N Plane imo.

(review by Paul Milligan)

This disk is not really an ambient CD, not is it a Danceable techno Cd, it should be more in the IDM category, and it's quite diverse, with some pieces that are more experimental, some are more toe-tapping, and some that are annoying; I give it a 6.5 on 10 because I can listen to it without skipping tracks, except for the 7th one.

1-Spectrum : Very Autechre sounding No Beats, Small drones; a good intro with bleepy sounds (bell like sounds).

2-Detroit is waiting : simple but effective Bass/Drum beats with reverb. a bit like some "Whole Traffic", I think, it's the best track of the CD.

3-Hemispherical Sink : Beats; but not deep bass lines, very metallic.

4-Sunrise : Very Autechre-ish beats and small drones in the background it is a dark-tone piece.

5-RockWool Airport : synth Organ sounds low frequencies, no beats, SAWII like... Good track.

6-Ether Nose : high frequencies sound loops at the beginning, with some ethno-ish percussions at the middle, very annoying track.

7 Loop and Evil : Duh! I don't like this one, it's a noise background with some generic synth sweeps and very deconstructed track.

8 P-Machine : Very syncopated beats going nowhere, with some synth over it, no melody, boring...

9- S-pac-e : Space music... no beats, nice interlude...

10- Pixel : 70's science-fiction TV synth sound (cosmos 1999) , with beats starting at the middle, nice track, very "atmospheric".

11- 4UV : Beats, with nice "melodic" line, but on the long side... should be shorter, with small distortions on the beats and melody.

12- Birds Day : beats, with no real melody; again one of the better tracks.

(review by Maximilien Lincourt)


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