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 The MS-Series - PS 08/70
  Release Date: 1 May 1995
  Limitation: 1000

   Monochill            12.18
   Voltage Control      12.20
   No Comment            9.17
   Compress It           7.54
   Dub                  30.10

  all tracks written by Pino & Wildjamin

I remember Will-e telling me this was really good- better than Xangadix- and I have to agree. Well, I like them both very much. Monochill opens with a nice smooth dubby track- very much in the same vein as the last track of Xangadix. Voltage Control starts on a rather somber note, but then picks up to the point where No Comment kicks in. This is a really nice track- an ambient acid trancer. Very nice. I find myself wishing that it would suddenly take off and really speed up, but it keeps that nice shuffling tempo the whole way through. Compress It continues on the same path- a bit quicker, some piano riffs- excellent stuff all around. Dub is a 30 minute trek into the dub and trance that Pino and Wildjamin are so good at. Great stuff all around...if you like any of the Pino/Wildjamin releases, check out the others. The ones with Dr. Atmo are good as well, though more on the chill side. They all contain excellent pieces of ambient trance.

(review by rdudley)

Yes I finally got it, and it was really worth the wait. Beginning with a rhythm that sounds strangely like the heartbeat noise on the old Star Trek, it turns into a lively synth exploration bordering somewhere between house and dub. I have nothing but good things to say about this album - I listen to it more than Namlook X now, and that's saying something. Track 3, "No Comment," is an acid-y track that will always make me think of playing Descent, and track 5, "dub," is an appropriately titled work that explores the relationship between acid house and synth-dub. Good stuff. overall rating: 9

(review by Michael Lekas)


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