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Outer Dark

 Bill Laswell - Outer Dark - PS 08/66
  Release Date: 5 December 1994
  Limitation: 1000

   Chakra                      24.14
   Ananta (Passing Dream)      23.31

  all tracks written by Bill Laswell

Outer Dark from Bill Laswell is an ambient album that feels very spiritual by using Asian inspired sounds to create this séance called Chakra (referring to the Chakra meditations that use sound as a way to "open" oneself). Second and final track, Ananta - Passing Dream ("Anenta" meaning "infinity") - clearly continues this spiritual journey. The album is very complex and has little or no beats - some short sequenced trancey passages are the closest it gets - what helps to make all sound fairly detached, enhanced by organic tinkling bubbles reaching for the sky. Especially this extra dimension makes Outer Dark a lovely album, that is, if your Third Eye Chakra is open ;-).

(review by Jean-Marc Dekesel)

_Outer Dark_, on the other hand, is not quite so overwhelming, but don't think it's boring. Not as bass heavy as _Outland_, this is still very eastern in feel, although it feels more like a tucked away vine-overgrown Buddhist temple in the jungles of Indonesia than a remote peak in Mongolia. This is very nice, very peaceful yet still challenging work from Bill. Very meditational.

(review by Wallace Winfrey)


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