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 Xangadix - PS 08/65
  Release Date: 27 March 1995
  Limitation: 1000

   Xangadix                      7.21
   Some Filter for Namlook      11.49
   A.A Generation                3.22
   Goro                          5.35
   System Update                 9.43
   Waveform                     11.04
   Analog Silence               10.07

  all tracks written by Pino and Wildjamin

watch out ambient heads! this one is chock full of beats and what a treat it is. These two guys, previously referred to as the Basalt Boys, are known for their work with Dr. Atmo on the Whole Traffic 1 and 2 as well as a Day in the Park. They remind us that FAX isn't just an ambient label and that it was founded on trance. That's why I've gone through the trouble of including the beats per minute next to the time for each track. Most of it is actually "intelligent techno" as opposed to actual dance floor material except for Goro which is a short but fast uplifting stomper. If you've heard either of The Whole Traffic releases, imagine their analog sounds and positive trancelike elements but without the ethnic influence that Dr. Atmo provided.

Xangadix started off where A Day in the Park left off, with that sample of an answering machine message, which is "3rd Samuel" according to the insert. It kicks right into some nice shuffley beats which continues through to Some Filter For Namlook. Why does this second song remind me of Orbital for some reason? A.A. Generation drops you off somewhere ambient with a slightly dark sounding delay for a short little break to prepare you for Goro! which still makes my heart jump a little but I can't but help smile ;) I kind of wish it was a little bit slower but all the sounds are there that makes up a good dance record. System Update soothes you after that experience with some more of those trademark analog sounds. Quite chilled out beat oriented ambient. Waveform eventually picks up the beat again after an intro. Probably the best trancey track on here and then Analog Silence gets very warm and housey by adding a hand drum and crash symbols. I'm quite impressed with these guys and I can't wait for The MS-Series in a couple of months.

(review by Will-E)

Xangadix is the dance/trance side of Pino and Wildjammin, who came out of nowhere with their "The Whole Traffic" (1+2) and "A Day in the Park" projects on Fax. After hearing these excellent works I was expecting a lot from Xangadix and I wasn't disappointed. Actually I was even surprised at how good Xangadix really is. It's very well-crafted and fairly complex trance. Those familiar with the early Fax dance stuff might expect more of the same--but Pino and Wildjammin approach things from a slightly different angle and incorporate musical elements explored on their earlier Fax discs, even re-using a phone message sample which helps to create a link between the works. There's not one duff track on this disc and the hilariously-titled "Filter for Namlook" is a highlight for me--nearly 12 minutes of trancey bliss. These guys are going places. (Rating : 4.5 out of 5)

(review by Andy Thomas)


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