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 Bedroom - PS 08/62
  Release Date: 21 November 1994
  Limitation: 1000

   Phoenix             5.04
   Basement            3.34
   Submerge            4.20
   Phosphine           9.42
   Antarctica          6.34
   Orange Sludge       4.13
   Igloo               4.33
   Lost Caves          9.52
   Leaving             6.34
   Voices              2.32
   Moderob             5.20
   3:51 - Hello?       4.26
   Novelty Track       2.30

  all tracks written by Daniel Pemberton
   except 8, 12, 13 by Pemberton/Speed

This is one of my favourite FAX discs because its the first one I bought - yes, a strong criteria for quality music! That said this is a strong ambient release that is hard to pigeonhole given the wide variety of sounds and styles used. The screeching sounds that start the disc are liable to freak out the stoned potato on the couch but we can calm them down later on with a number of tracks which are evocative of places (Antarctica) and atmospheres (Lost Caves - a track which you ill love or hate for its use of guitars). Novelty track is mental stuff using samples of children telling you to 'GO AWAY' (that will get the smokers freaked out again, and possibly yourself given the abstracted context of these kids voices who really don't seem to like you at all). Bedroom as a concept is a neat take on the critics of ambience but moves from claustrophobic environmental noise to soundscapes that exceed the space of its composition. Really a very strong release but where is Bedroom 2 and 3?

(review by Rowland Atkinson)

I'd say one of the best ambient albums to come out of FAX recently. It reminds me of FSOL the way Pemberton blends all different genres together yet the genres are different than what we're used to hearing. I think it's a "must have."

(review by Will-E)


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