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Sea Biscuit

 Spacetime Continuum - Sea Biscuit - PS 08/61
  Release Date: 26 September 1994
  Limitation: 500

   Pressure                             10.25
   Subway                               11.56
   Ping Pong                             6.37
   Voice of the Earth                   11.32
   Floatilla                             9.09
   Q 11                                 11.13
   A Low Frequency Inversion Field      13.43

  all tracks written by Jonah Sharp

SpaceTime Continuum's album is very high quality ambient music, with a sunny, metropolitan, Pacific, San Francisco type atmosphere... hard to describe. For me, it easily compares to Global Comm's album. Loads of atmospheric strings, chords, sound effects etc, but still quite well formed (i.e. you don't have to be totally caned to enjoy it). No beats (well a very unobtrusive beat on "pressure"). I recommend highly.

(review by Brendan Nelson)

Back from a week snorkeling on Kauai, I turn to Jonah Sharp's Spacetime Continuum CD "Sea Biscuit" to keep me blissfully submerged for another hour. Its tracks flow together like an underwater dream. The perfect escape from the harsh realities of mainland life.

The opening track "Pressure" finds a pleasing variety of electronics swimming in and out through the calm ocean of a gentle beat. "Subway" loses the beat, adds a loop of strangely echoed voice. Soothing, just a little spooky. "Ping Pong" is rhythmic, hypnotic, insistent. Are those seagulls at the end? "Voice of the Earth" is built around a sound...is it the planet breathing, or just the surf? "Floatilla" dives deeper into the dream. It's a little cold down here, and darker. In "Q11" the voices are back, talking about dreams of course. Sounds like a phone recording, a la Scanner, but that beep sounds like sonar. "A Low Frequency Inversion Field", great title, great track. Voices swimming in strange waters.

Sea Biscuit is pleasant without being syrupy or cliched, hypnotic without being boring or repetitive. It's soothing, with just enough edge to keep it interesting. I suggest you dive right in.

(review by Jim Straubinger)


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