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 I.F. 2 - PS 08/56
  Release Date: 24 October 1994
  Limitation: 1000

   Dub 1                   16.07
   Underwater              17.40
   Dub 2                   15.54
   Intergalactic Funk      16.47

  all tracks written by Dr. Atmo and Deep Space Network

Dr. Atmo's second and final collaboration with Deep Space Network, and in my view as good as, if not better than the first, which is one of those Fax discs with lofty reputations.

From the soothing waves of ambience that wash over you throughout the opener, via the lilting deep chill of "Underwater" and the Eastern-influenced "Dub 2" to the no-nonsense space-funk of the closer (which is fairly reminiscent of "Electronic Dub" on Rising High, for those who share that reference point with me), this is a pleasant journey through ambient dub, which, while never touching any stellar heights, is of a consistent enough quality to make this a relatively rare thing, a Fax release which works as a long player.

With many others I feel compelled to skip to favourite tracks, thereby negating the long-playing experience somewhat...not so here, however, and that's praise in itself if you ask me.

(review by Martin Jones)

this was a risky purchase for me as i have no experience of Deep Space Networks stuff .. but i took the plunge and from first listen i have to say i reckon this is going to become a heavy rotation play. the disc has 4 tracks. each track is 15mins - 17 mins and are all very sublime. on a couple of the tracks there are drum tracks but they are very laid back and don't detract from the music which is just wonderful. the first track is incredibly bassy and just makes my little house rumble.. wonderful stuff from first listen this was the best track .. but who knows what i will think after more exposure!

(review by Mark Emsley)

Just picked up the IF 2 on FAX (PS 08/56) it's Dr. Atmo & Deep Space Network. Really nice... lots of acoustic sounding beats, kinda like "the Ambush" with pleasant melodies and quirky acidic sounds in the background. In summary: enough beats to keep the foot tapping and enough interesting noises to keep the brain happy.

(review by Caffeine)

I've been listening to IF2 a lot as of late - I love that disc - especially the last 3 (of 4) tracks. For those of you who don't have this disc, its by Dr. Atmo & Deep Space Network (I believe) - very groovy feel - most tracks start out very quiet and ambientish - very minimal and build to a great groove by the end.

(review by aaron hughes)


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