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 The Whole Traffic 2 - PS 08/55
  Release Date: 6 February 1995
  Limitation: 1000

   80 KMH       18.08
   88 KMH       20.11
   90 KMH       16.06
   130 KMH      12.20

  all tracks written by Dr. Atmo, Pino and Wildjamin

"Car music for the Ambient-Vehicles of our days..." Oh yes. The Whole Traffic 2. I have no idea what the first one is like, but this is a nice release. 4 long tracks starting at a slow 88 KMH with a nice slow dubby swinging beat. It grooves nicely. Then pops in a pulsing tone. Nicer. Then things start go get a bit more mysterious- especially with a woman giving the usual speech a stewardess gives before a plane takes off. Neato. 88 KMH picks up a bit more with some bubbly squirts and a nice beat about halfway into the track. Very nice. This cd has some really nice bass in it- deep and dubby. Very trancey. 90 KMH...faster and faster we go starting with a melody that continues in this track and the next. Again, the bass..getting more and more trancey. 130 KMH starts out with some low booming and then into some nice trancey stuff, clocking in around 130 (surprise!) or so. Heh. Most upbeat thing I've bought in some time, but this is very nice. I can see myself moving down the highway to this, speeding right along.

(review by rdudley)


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