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 Sad World 2 - PS 08/45
  Release Date: 23 May 1994
  Limitation: 1000

   Samarra      40.29
   Cordoba      20.38

  all tracks written by Dr. Atmo and Ramin

Great unsolved mysteries of our time - Volume 58. Why do people watch Eastenders (substitute dreary, depressing soap opera of your choice from your own country) why do women always take hours to get ready to go anywhere, and why has Sad World 2 failed to sell out its 1000 copy run in over 10 years?

Needless to say, the last of these is by far the most puzzling (as nifty lateral thinking means the first two can be explained to some degree, if not actually solved, by the simple maxim "people enjoy being miserable").

Given this information, the third question becomes more puzzling still. The 40-minute "Samarra" is a melancholy masterpiece, the intro samples (from where, anyone?) an American wittering on for ages to some presumable rather sad people about Jesus, seemingly in a scientific institution of some kind, the speech drifting in and out of the mix. The way it continues, never deviating from the set pattern too far, but the structure enough to provide a measure of variety, is extremely skilfully achieved. I often go to sleep to this (indeed I did last night), which of course is a high complement in Fax circles. :-)

The few times I make it to "Cordoba" I'm always pleased to be reminded of what a lovely piece it is too. The tribalesque percussion, the chanting kids, the soothing synths, lovely love lovely. In fact, I think I'll say it again. Lovely. :-)

As for solving the mystery, maybe no-one realises it's still available after all this time? Maybe people hear how good it is and assume it must have sold more than 2 copies a week over the last decade? I believe I'm right in saying it's the oldest Fax release yet to sell out....Maybe no-one else can hear what I hear in it? Hmmm, it's a strange (sad) world all right...

9/10. Classic.

(review by Martin Jones)

Words that spring to mind when I listen to this cd (and the other SW's) is lonely and hopeless. A Sad World indeed. Although this cd is stronger than the 1st it isn't as strong as the 3rd. However, I like it a lot still! There is one thing in this cd that will either turn you off or on. The first song's focus (which is 40 minutes) is a single simple melody. It sticks out but not in an annoying way, and I like it because it pulls at you. The songs are lonely but rarely straight up dark. One thing I really like about the Sad World series is how Dr Atmo/Ramin treat their beats. Catchy tribal drums and unlike most other ambient cd's these guys will throw a kick drum down right at the beginning, or some kind of other percussion, not wasting any time at all building up to "that moment." If you like your ambient with any kind of percussive rhythms or beats I would definitely recommend trying the Sad World series. (preferably 2 and 3)

(review by unknown)


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