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 Gorn - PS 08/29
  Release Date: 8 November 1993
  Limitation: 500

   Giovenes            6.56
   Delargo 1           9.24
   Trancesub           6.58
   Sub                 4.28
   Move the Face       7.25
   Sea of Love         5.58
   A Lucinazion        5.42
   Acult              20.01

  all tracks written by Massimo Vivona 
   except 1,2 by Bela Cox and Massimo Vivona

Dated trance awaits you on this disk. "Giovenes" and "Delargo 1" are nice, upbeat tracks -- not too fast, delicately melodic. The rest of it is fairly nondescript, however -- more simple melodies, although not as nice or as pretty as on and "Delargo 1" and "Giovenes." (Is this a reflection on Bela Cox's influence?) "Acult" is a nice, long, mysterious downtempo ambient track that takes the edge off the trance at the end of the disc. Mostly, however, the melodies and rhythm are a bit too static for my taste. Lather, rinse, repeat.

(review by Warren Lapham)

Gorn is a rather obscure early sublabel release. With the glaring (and glorious) exception of the last track, as Warren pointed out, this is mainly dated trance.

"Giovenes" runs through a light, twinkling melody for a while, and the 909 enters. This track is quite positive. Very little else to say about it.

"Delargo 1" begins a little darker, and it's a little faster than the previous track. Around the middle of the song, the rhythm gets chopped up a bit and a 303 melody starts.

"Trance sub" is exactly the type of track that made a lot of people shun techno in the early 90s (and still today): fast, relentless rhythm combined with repetitive synth lines. I guess I can see the appeal of this, though. It might be fun at a party. It certainly has no shortage of energy.

"Sub" is more of the same. Not much you couldn't do with Rebirth these days.

"Move the Face" is a carbon copy of what came before it...except it has a weird little bleepy, descending noise.

Ahh, yes. "Sea of Love" is the tempo change we've been dying for. It's still kind of trancey, but it's a little smoother, and a little moodier. This might be the first real "listening" track on the album. That is, it's comfortable off the dance floor.

Well, you knew that couldn't last. "A Lucinization" throws us back into the disco with some fast trance. It's not quite as aggressive as the earlier tracks, though. Still not very distinct.

"Acult" is the requisite chill-out at the end of early Fax albums. It's fairly dated, but it's very good. "Mysterious" is a word that comes to my mind as well when describing this track. The 909's hi-hat keeps the pulse while miscellaneous keyboard nuances flutter in and out of consciousness. A snare enters just before the seven minute mark, and a bass drum about half a minute later. Why couldn't they just make the entire album like this?! It just occurred to me that "Acult" would make great thrusting music. Maybe some future porn director will stumble upon this CD and Gorn will finally have its 15 minutes of fame. :)

All in all, Gorn has very little variety. To its credit, however, even modern day trance doesn't sound much different. I somehow doubt, however, that Gorn was much of a pioneer with only 500 copies of the CD in existence. I really dig the cover art though. And that last track simply rocks.

(review by Jonathan Osborne)


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