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Coeur Atomique

 Coeur Atomique - PS 08/27
  Release Date: 11 October 1993
  Limitation: 500

   Atom Age                  6.43
   Sundance (101 Mix)        6.26
   Risk                      6.53
   Le Coeur                  5.25
   Tabloid                   6.13
   Retortion                 7.21
   Volte-Face                7.00
   Tuff Transmitter          5.31
   Retouch                   8.35
   Sundance (RZ-1 Mix)       4.37

  all tracks written by Coeur Atomique

This is a varied release from acid squiggles and beats similar to those of Datacide II but with moments of the kind of techno/ambience that drew me to the genre in the first place. Some of the more upbeat moments didn't work for me and eventually I got rid of this disc but I think I wish I had it back! Don't pay a fortune for this but it ain't bad at all.

(review by Rowland Atkinson)

Atom Heart's first solo disc on Fax, and one of the first on the sublabel, as well as the priciest CD I've ever bought(!) So was it worth it? Depends how much you like to mash it, sir! :-)

The first two tracks in particular are wonderful examples of hard trance at its finest, and show up Mr. Schmidt's formidable range when placed alongside something like Live at sel i/s/c, another of his finest discs in my humble opinion.

Another standout is "Tuff Transmitter", a slice of chilledness amongst the mayhem elsewhere on the release, and selected to appear on The Ambient Cookbook II neary ten years after this originally came out, which shows at least one other person thinks highly of it also...

In my opinion, if you like IDM, or techno, or trance, or electronic music, or dance music...or even music, you'll find something to appreciate here...but especially if you like to mash it :-)

Verdict : Love it love it love it! 9/10

(review by Martin Jones)

Perhaps he should have called this one Coeur Acidique as pretty much all the tracks on this album feature the good old TB-303 in one form or another. That's not to say that it's all hardcore madness as on some of the other early Fax dance efforts. It's not exactly Jet Chamber either, but it is at least a million miles away from the techno-trash of Synthadelic's "I'm a secretary"..

That said, the first two tracks are pretty hard-hitting and whilst featuring some interesting effects are let down by some fairly annoying rave-tastic piano riffs. However this initial hurdle overcome the rest of the album turns out to be fairly interesting and the overall atmosphere is I have found quite dark. There are some excellent mid-pace trancers on here, especially "Risk", "Le Coeur", and "Retouch". "Volte-Face" also starts off in fantastic style but is again let down about half way through by the re-appearance of the rave piano line. This is compensated for however across the remainder of the track as some more interesting bleepitude is thrown into the mix.

"Retortion" is a more ambient piece that is very atmospheric and quite nice to get lost in for seven minutes. The album rounds out with a remix of "Sundance". Again, another full-on frontal attack with the 303, but thankfully only 4 minutes long.

(review by Richard Hughes)


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