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 Steve Stoll - Exiled - PS 08/107
  Release Date: 17 October 2005
  Limitation: 1000

   Early Reflections       5.34
   Exiled                  4.28
   My Dying Machines       2.44
   A or N                  6.43
   Check One               4.30
   First Impression        4.58
   Fly It Rite             4.26
   How We Do               2.49
   New Life                5.32
   Rear View               4.57
   Reset                   3.32
   Small Ink               3.51
   Easy Being              3.48

  all tracks written by Steve Stoll

The first track, 'Exiled' starts strong with 'Early Reflections,' a fabulous ambient techhouse cruiser, steady at 33 RPM, through deep rough-etched grooves - talk about a strong candidate for a vinyl release! How 'Early?' 1994 comes to mind!

Title track follows the same path, a bit harsher with subtle techno roots emerging, but also evergoing, progressive and trancing. Awesome!

From there on it gets harder; glued Detroit neurotics make way for slightly muffled techno, Landcruising on the freeway, marvellous and so intense!

'Check One' is as intense and beefs things up even more by adding some eighties EBM distortion and wave to the process, really making you move!

Small intermezzo before things really start heading for the dancefloor with 'Fly It Rite', an utterly trancing techno track, bringing back the old days and making you move, as you will move even more on 'Rear View,' move more on the dark waved 'Reset,' and finally will crash on the closing 'Easy Being.'

What a mindblowing album! A lovely shake of everything the man really seems to like, brought with his own distinctive signature. Thank you!

(review by Jean-Marc Dekesel)


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