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 Compilation - 1-Year Ambient - PKPWPS 1
  Release Date: 22 November 1993
  Limitation: 500

   Air (Namlook):
     Je suis Triste et Seul Ici       8.25
   Sad World (Dr. Atmo/Ramin):
     Apadana                          5.01
   Dreamfish (Namlook/Morris):
     Fishology                        9.14
   The Fires of Ork (Namlook/Jenssen):
     The Fires of Ork II              6.11
   Sextant (Namlook):
     Live at XS 1                    15.08
   Romantic Warrior (Namlook):
     Space Shuttle                    3.39
   Silence (Namlook/Dr. Atmo):
     Omid / Hope                     21.55
   Namlook (Namlook):
     Silence                          3.00

1. je suis seule et triste ici / AIR -- the definitive intro into darker namlook with Air. nice and moody.. nice sounds.. what more can be said..

2. Apadana / Sad World -- an excellent ethnic synthesizer crossover with some nice modulating acidic oscillations and pads on top of eastern (who knows?) drums and chants/voices of male and female indian/african or whatever dudes this track always inspires a mood of anticipation of something large looming about to... something?

3. fishology/dreamfish -- evil sound FX destined to disturb and haunt.. this one creeps up slowly.. brooding low for a few minutes.. slow LFOs. then it drops out into a rhythmical grind with all the percussion elements EXCEPT the bassdrum.. dreeeeeamfeeesh.

4 Fires of Ork II/Fires of Ork -- i love starting out a set with this track as it starts so unsuspectingly and then bombs into some moving techno around the 120 bpm mark. similar to biosphere's microgravity album with some extroverted namlook oscillations.. it gets kicking around 1 minute something.. bangs on nicely for a few minutes... and like all tracks, ends.

5. live at XS/namlook -- this is the killer of the disc.. the one that makes it worth getting even though you own all the other tracks separately.. this is a live recording from the 'sextant' project i believe at the XS club. Dr Atmo and 'special guest' namlook do a nice slow jam with busy hats thru a cool LCR delay. Typical namlook 4Voice synth drones + live jamming.. nice, moody and dark with some celebrity MCs in the middle.

6. Space Shuttle -- to me this is a 3 minute except from a scene in a horror movie.. intriguing sound effects entertain you.. and scare.

7 Omid/hope. Silence -- Another 'classic' namlook, the silence project.. not being one of my personal favourite tracks off silence i tend to skip this one unless i'm somewhere with a view of rain outside as this track is the perfect soundtrack to a mild storm with the rain drops in the background.. slow, dark.. ambient...

8. silence/namlook -- a masterpiece is minimal ambience this track begins almost as subtly as it ends... its so silent one almost thinks the artist is making fun of the person who sits through three minutes of..

(review by andre@faxlabel)


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