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The Putney II

 The Putney II - PK 08/98
  Release Date: 24 February 1995
  Limitation: 1000

   Earl of Burlington      12.18
   Tower to a Wall         12.05
   Clockwork                7.25
   Blue Depression          9.49
   Appendix                17.59
   Finis                    2.02

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook and Ludwig Rehberg
   except 6 by Pete Namlook

When I read the description in the discography I was like, "what the hell is Electronic Krautrock?" Now I know I guess. :) The Putney 2, Namlook, Rehberg and a slew of EMS gear. Someone should probably fill me in on this stuff, I only have been told that it is rare and expensive. FSoL uses some EMS gear don't they? The music though: wow...some very cool sounds! Earl of Burlington...for a second it sounded almost like snoring- this was actually pulsey washes that build and change rather slowly. There are some very harsh metallic sweeps here, which seem to lead us somewhere- the deconstruction of this track maybe, but probably to Tower to a Wall, which is quite a stomper in its fashion. Krautrock trance...very trancey indeed, and swift, though it lacks a solid beat. I like. Clockwork strikes me as excellent mixing material. Is this a series of bleeps interspersed with silence or the other way around? Regardless though, it changes halfway through into a continuous pulse. Interesting. Blue Depression is a mammoth symphony of noise. Not just abstract noises, but layers of deep rumbles and drones. Very discordant and chilling. Turn this one up loud and freak out the neighbors. Appendix starts out like a trancer, but it gets a bit too fast and weird. Ah, but about halfway through a nice shiny piano sound breaks though and that is added on top of the rhythm for a very nice sound. It is fast, but again as in Tower to a Wall, there is no solid beat. Finis is a pretty little tune- sad that it is so short. This in an interesting release. Some might not find it instantly accessible, but I like it more and more each time I listen. Definitely interesting.

(review by rdudley)


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