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Namlook VIII + IXNamlook IX
Namlook VIII + IXNamlook VIII

 Namlook VIII + IX - PK 08/97
  Release Date: 8 December 1994
  Limitation: 1000

   Blow the Fuse                  34.21
   The Gate to the Milky Way      62.23

  music composed by Pete Namlook

I originally acquired this one via a mail order approval service and it went back fairly quickly! However, that was in 96 and a year later, having heard the excerpt on the Cookbook, I realized the error of my ways and another cheque was duly dispatched. Disc one (Blow The Fuse) is one of the shortest Fax have ever put out, only a tad over the half hour and a rather low key affair at that.

Conversely disc two (Namlook IX - Gate To The Milky Way) is a real tour-de-force and definitely worth shelving out the 2CD entry price. Like most of the Namlooks it starts with the beatless, spooky, cosmic mood that is characteristic of these "intuitive"releases and always makes me think it must have been great to actually be there ... Holland this time I think. As it builds you realize you're definitely listening to one of his more coherent concerts, a recurring theme that's interestingly interwoven with powerful rhythmic passages. The last ten minutes really blew me away - this MUST be played at high volume - and left me feeling quite exuberant. A grower and a stayer.

(review by Paul Milligan)

a lot of heavy bass ridden beats that have become normal for him of late. i would say that it is very similar to namlook VII about the same pace and many similar sounds so if you liked VII you will definitely like this. the pace of the work varies in places and produces an interesting mix of heavy chaotic beats and quiet ambience.

my consensus: its better than watching tv..if that means anything

(review by Jonathan Stevens)


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