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Namlook VII

 Namlook VII - PK 08/93
  Release Date: 3 November 1994
  Limitation: 1000

   Subharmonic Interference      58.51

  music composed by Pete Namlook

_Subharmonic Interference_, Mr. Kuhlmann's 7th live solo disc, was an instant hit at Chateau Marmoset. All the best elements of Namlook's solo work are in evidence -- severe analog tweakery, subsonic bass tricks, and subtle, skittering beats. As others have noted, he pulls off the delicate juggling of prepared segments and live improvisation with aplomb. The "Black Hole" samples and Macintosh "Plaintalk" bits work well within the spacey surroundings, too.

(review by freeke)

the subharmonic chords .. no idea how this would sound without these chords but i found this relatively cheap and will play regularly when my wife is out !! freaky electronic music with some GREAT sci-fi vocals .. not a totally ambient release by any means but that's why i like it.

(review by Mark Emsley)

Pete is rolling right along and despite the enormous turnout (read: opportunity for staleness). He's as fresh as ever. If you are like me, there really is no way to effectively "keep up with the Faxes". I find it best to make well planned visits. Last time it was in San Francisco, this time, it's "Hello Berlin" If you've yet to hear Namlook, VII is the perfect current starter disk (considering that you've missed so many ). Clearly, this one IS special, as the liner notes explain....

"This is the premiere of....The subharmonic chords."

In classic FAX style we get a gig from 9 -10 am on July 3rd, 1994. (I love this man!). And as the liner notes also suggest, this is a set that he's put some planning into, yet since this is not a studio performance, again, it's him just going off very much on the fly. When I close my eyes and listen closely I can hear his decisions, feel it unfold, anticipate the changes and be surprised by the ride. It truly feels live.

The 'classic' Namlook sound is alive and well. Synth wind tugging through the clothes line. Rushing old school sweeps and deep deep descents. Slipping in and out of the mix are a perfect compliment of engaging "science fiction" vocal samples. They squelch and slide in and out of the mix like an unlocked AM station on your car radio.

The first odd forty minutes move along like a typical FAX session, (subharmonics aside) to my knowledge we do get to enjoy a new Namlook melody, but the overall sound still feels somewhat recognizable. (Sounds of the man them call Pete!)

With about seventeen minutes left on the clock Namlook cranks it up and pulls out some Sharpesque riddem (read: punchy high hats of treble and poppy multi-layered percussive tones). No doubt he's learned something from working with the west coast. When it all comes together we catch a glimpse of the FAX man magic. Pete, thanks for having me, I'll see you again REAL soon!

(review by Teep)


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