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Music for Ballet

 Music for Ballet - PK 08/91
  Release Date: 22 September 1994
  Limitation: 1000

   Electro Clips      50.11

  music composed by Pete Namlook

A seriously underrated Namlook solo disc in my view, as well as one of his earliest. One fifty-minute track, chopped up into individual shorter tracks, which work in isolation, but not half as well as the whole, to rephrase an old truism.

Sweeping waves of sound and whispered cut-up samples appear over droning ambience, calm reflection and a periodic mechanical squeal. Atmospheric, evocative and almost other-worldly, the piece builds slowly and rises to a peak somewhere after halfway, before gently lilting towards a pleasing finish, in which most of the previous elements make a reappearance, and ending with a measured final section. Highly recommended.

(review by Martin Jones)

This sure isn't Swan Lake. Dark and aggressive (in a Namlook sorta way), this 50-minute piece (helpfully indexed) drops the familiar Namlook sub-bass and space noises into a different context, sometimes to good effect, sometimes not. Not something you'll want to listen to every day, but I'm becoming quite favorably impressed by the man's range.

(review by freeke)


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