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EscapeCD 1
EscapeCD 2

 Escape - PK 08/87
  Release Date: 10 March 1994
  Limitation: 1000

   Escape to Earth            8.24
   Escape to Mars             5.42
   Escape to Neptune          6.41
   Escape to Polaris          6.41
   Trip to Mars               5.39
   Trip from Mars             5.28
   Atmosphere Processor      17.52
   Trip to Polaris            7.59
   The Futurescape           57.46
    Parts 1-9

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook and Dr. Atmo
   except "Esape to Neptune" written by Pete Namlook

This is great stuff, big trance beats and hard dance on disc one with spaced out orb-like ambient on the 2nd. This is my first real taste of Namlook's dance skills and I was quite impressed, formulaic but made me want to swing my feet to the beat of a monkeys feet! The baby talking about the stars with this big drone in the background is damn fine stuff.

(review by Rowland Atkinson)

Top top top. One of the original Fax classics, limited to 500 copies and never reissued. CD1 is mainly trance, CD2 mainly ambient, but there is a certain amount of crossover on each disc. Highlight of the release for me is most certainly the piano and voice affair early on in "The Futurescape", which returns like an old friend later on. The whole is a perfectly planned journey, with a sprinkling of spacy samples thrown in.

As far as CD1 goes, I especially dig the "underwater trance" of "Escape To Neptune", as I imagine you will if you're partial to a bit of classic trance (in other words, trance before it became a dirty word). The "Atmosphere Processor" is a nice complement to the "bangin" qualities of the rest of the disc, which would have made a perfectly respectable release on its own but which is dragged to greatness as part of this double dose of delight.

Verdict : Absolutely claaaassic! 9/10. Suggestion - You go out and beg, borrow or steal a copy of this now, and I'll lay off the alliteration :-)

(review by Martin Jones)

I bought this when it first came out and was very impressed. Another early fax release that has stood the test of time pretty well.

The first four tracks are the typical four to the floor stompers, that were very common on the label at the time. The best of the four is perhaps "Escape to Neptune". "Trip to/from Mars" are basically the same track with slightly different sound effects on each, some weird bleeping portraying well the idea of an alien landscape.

Atmosphere Processor is a 17 minute exploration of some of the themes already explored combined with some more great spacey effects. The last track of the first disc "Trip to Polaris" is a slowed down version of track four ( a common trick of Peter's at the time) which features a fantastic, rasping ventilator-like sound that slowly hisses in out throughout the length of the track.

Then to disc two. This could be a great album in itself. It is perhaps similar to Air 2 to in some respects, featuring some ethnic elements and also in that it is a real journey. Starts off deep and spacey with an absolutely gorgeous melody that fades in and out, it then speeds up about halfway through before slowing down again towards the end with the return of the melody.

It also features some great samples from various Apollo missions and also the girl Rowland mentions in his review saying "I don't want to go into space, I just want to stay alone with my house" to which a man replies "Is that right?". There is also another great sample towards the end - "Man stretches his soul, reaching out, to the fabulous, the puzzling lure of space, [that] still brings dreams of wonder, and excitement to young minds."

Kinda like Fax really.

Excellent stuff.

(review by Richard Hughes)


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