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 Compilation - Replugged - PK 08/86
  Release Date: 27 January 1994
  Limitation: 1000

   Mario Hana                  14.35
   Chill Out Possee            15.03
   Deep Space Network          23.09
   Namlook                     14.43
  all tracks written by the performing artists

I don't believe it !! Having spent part of the weekend drafting a review for this release (one of just three titles I thought were still outstanding on 2350) someone's pipped me to the post. Never mind, here it is anyway:

T1 - had to check that I'd put the right disc on; this certainly doesn't sound like something you'd expect from the Fax stable. It's almost a mainstream synth/new age crossover ... very heavily sampled including a variety of voices, wind chimes (and other tribal woodwind sounds) plus, a xylophone passage that's reminiscent of Schulze's soundtrack album Angst. The influences are multi-cultural, from S. America to the Far East and it's all pleasant enough stuff but, ultimately, going nowhere in particular ... think of it as chill-out wallpaper.

T2 - somewhat more purposeful than its predecessor, this track is underpinned by a repetitive bass theme interwoven with various electronic and 'acoustic' percussion such as woodblocks, hi-hat and bongos. English (annoying) and German voice-overs are thrown into the mix and it generally bobs along at an entertaining, if unspectacular pace.

T3 - as the Deep Space Network track fades in there's a feeling things are starting to sound distinctly more promising. Okay there's a didgeridoo that enters after a few minutes which momentarily gave me cause for concern but, actually, this is exceedingly groovy and laid back stuff. As the music develops we are treated to a combination of spacey effects, swirling electronics and occasional funky organ work, set against an African plains backdrop. Structurally it tightens up around the 10 minute mark, although there remains throughout a dreamy, undulating quality. This would certainly not have been out of place on either of the two excellent I.F. releases.

T4 - Those already familiar with the Sextant 4 (Live at XS) track will instantly recognize this as a remix, with liberal sprinkling of Air references. Personally I don't think Namlook was ever better than when ... in the early 90's ... he produced a wealth of music of this ilk, demonstrating to great effect how uncomplicated structures and a 'simple tune' (use of this term advisedly!) could be at least as warm and evocative as anything that existed outside the ambient genre. Hypnotic and definitive.

(review by Paul Milligan)

One of my all-time favorite Fax discs. The DSN track is a live performance of "Earth to Infinity" -- reminds me a lot of the way the Orb do live tracks, without their need to back everything up with a 400 pound kick-drum. Lots of added samples and whacky sounds seem to be added for a spontaneous feel. A little added didgeridoo and blunted drum lines indicate that Part 1 is definite mellow time. This gets bogged down, but then Part 2 starts up with some added tabla playing, a nice bass line that gets tweaked throughout the piece and some nice floaty synths in the background that drift from side to side. The last 5 minutes are the best, so stick around! Funk music for the hashish bar on Mars. Not a particularly strong live outing compared to "Traffic", imo, but the disc is definitely worth owning for this and the other tracks (Who the hell is Mario Hana?! And "Air - You - Coda" is just friggin' divine!).

(review by David Jones)


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