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 Deltraxx - PK 08/83
  Release Date: 10 November 1993
  Limitation: 500

   Altered States (Unfused & Tuned)            7.44
   The Real Secret                             5.37
   Identification                              5.07
   Orbit (Half Moon Bay Mix)                   5.25
   Arcangel (Red Stripe Mix)                   5.37
   Quadra (Lost City)                          6.47
   Welcome to Voice Print Identification       5.59
   Explorers of the Mid (Legal Version)        5.47
   Slow Planet                                 5.08
   Alaska Slowater                             8.00

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook and DJ Criss
   except 3, 6, 9, 10 by Pete Namlook

Basically lots of dance with Namlooks ambience thrown in every so often. To me the ambient stuff sounds dated and uses the kind of synth patterns that generally put me off Namlooks stuff. I like some of the dance stuff but you would probably be embarrassed to put it on at a party. Voice Print... is pretty cool.

(review by Rowland Atkinson)

Composed by Pete and DJ Criss aka Christian Thier, this album rounds up some of the tracks they had released under this alias during the previous year. Their only other collaboration on Fax - Sequential - was for me one of the labels' defining albums that was bursting with quality and not a single track on it that was nothing short of brilliant. Deltraxx on the other hand is something of a different story. Whilst many of these tracks were released in parallel with their Sequential counterparts most of them don't even come close in terms of innovation or entertainment value. That said it may be unfair to compare the two - perhaps Deltraxx was merely the alias these two used when they wanted to release their harder tracks, but the cd doesn't really flow either and feels more like a compilation of one-off tracks as oppose to a proper album.

Altered States - Hard spacey trance. Nothing groundbreaking. A breakbeat rhythm.

The Real Secret - Ultra banging acid hard-trance.

Identification - The "ambient" b-side mix of Voice Print Identification - the same deep, grinding synth lead. Not too bad, but again doesn't hold your attention for too long.

Orbit - Perhaps the best track on the album - certainly in terms of production quality. A fat juicy bassline, some almost house-like beats the same as used on Sequential's Trip to Paradise and a great synth hook towards the end. Also a great sample - sounds like some kind of mad scientist saying "I have forgotten how to walk.."

Arcangel - Beats way too fast for me. More acid madness.

Quadra - Not a bad downtempo effort, but still a fairly limited palette of sounds - even given the period I have heard a lot better (see Ambient Compilation 2 or 3)

Welcome to Voice Print Identification - A massive synth riff, almost acid in nature, some crunching beats and more great sampling. A bit crude, but quite catchy.

Explorers of the Mind - The same massive synths, but at a slightly different pace, even harder drums, but again quite catchy.

Slow Planet - Rather dreary ambient affair. Melodramatic orchestral intro with shuffling beats coming into play later on.

Alaska Slowater - Another ambient track. The best of the bunch on this album, more shuffling beats reminiscent of "1st Impression" from Air 1, a few trademark bleeps as featured on Escape to Mars, Hearts of Space (Drawn) and that's it.

Overall then a bit of a mixed bag, but a few good tracks that make it worth the occasional listen.

(review by Richard Hughes)


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