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 Sequential - PK 08/73
  Release Date: 9 June 1993
  Limitation: 500

   Sequential                         6.51
   20,000 Leagues under the Sea       6.59
   A Trip to Paradise                 9.24
   Sonne                              5.23
   Saturn Cruises                    11.29
   Duane Sky                          5.36
   X-ray Delta One                    8.28
   Ambient Block                     15.57
    - Sequenchill
    - Mission Control #2
    - Lost in the Sea
   Everything is under Control        6.48

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook & Dj Criss 
   except 5 by Pete Namlook and Tetsu Inoue 
   and 4,6,8.1+8.2 by Pete Namlook

Another of the Fax classics, in my humble opinion. A seemingly unpalatable mix of ambient and trance, which comes off with consummate ease, and certainly superior to Namlook and Criss's other collaboration, Deltraxx.

Highlights for me include the shimmering beauty married to four/fourism known as "Everything Is Under Control", as well as the fairly well-known masterpiece that is "Lost In The Sea" and the classic title track. Also in its favour is its comparative freshness 12 years after its release, as well as its position early in Namlook's trance output, which in my opinion, with one or two honourable exceptions, can be said to have got (slightly, almost imperceptibly) worse as time went on.

This is well worth checking out though, and, at this point in time, doesn't command the ridiculous prices of some others in the Fax back catalogue.

Verdict - 8/10 One of Namlook's finest moments, ably assisted by his friends.

(review by Martin Jones)

I rate this album very highly and in my view this is right up there with the original 4 Voice as the best example of early upbeat Fax. What makes it stand out is that the tracks are of a more refined nature than some of the other early 4 to the floor stuff - the drums not quite as thunderous, but slightly more subtle. Squelchy basslines abound and all in all this is pretty funky stuff. A couple of more chilled moments arrive in the form of Sonne and Sequenchill with the latter definitely giving a feeling of sinking deeper and deeper underwater only to be brought back to the surface with the uplifting Everything is Under Control.

We also get a taste of Tetsu Inoue's first appearance on Fax with his collaboration on Saturn Cruises, recognizable for some of his early period ethereal synths over another acidic bassline. Other highlights include Trip to Paradise which you may have heard on some of the compilations and X-Ray Delta One - yet another top bassline.

All in all 9 out of 10.

(review by Richard Hughes)


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