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Virtual Vices V

 Virtual Vices V - PK 08/174
  Release Date: 15 May 2006
  Limitation: 500

   Turn the City Lights off       8.44
   Silver Plane                  12.42
   Ceci n'est pas un joint        7.14 
   Diesel Breath                  8.52
   Blue Daffodil                  7.30
   S-Moll                        10.18

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook and Wolfram Spyra
   DTS 5.1 Music Disc / Stereo CD Doublepack

Starts off with that oh so familiar Der Spyra sound, snaking its way through the electronic world. Laid back with a jazzy guitar which seemingly roams into a chilled out direction, yet remaining rather upbeat. Namlook and Der Spyra's sounds and melodies mix effortlessly into a spacey abyss of somber beats and wandering electronics. Closing your eyes, the DTS disc may take you to tropical places never seen. The DTS version progresses into a deep ambient venture that never lets up. Namlooks guitar work creates a psychedelic medium which enhances the electronics. This sound gives it a 60's/70's feel, yet never loosing sight on modern mature sounds. Some may find this too mature to their liking.

There isn't a weak track on this album. This is my favorite of the Virtual Vices series.

(review by jackthetab)


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