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Be Aware

 Koolfang III - Be Aware - PK 08/169
  Release Date: 21 March 2005
  Limitation: 1000

   Be Aware               7.40
   Don't be a Spooner    12.02
   Fuerteventura         10.19
   Jeanne                12.32
   All the Motion         7.44
   Here Comes the Rain   14.02

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook and David Moufang

I think this is one of the most unexpected CDs on Fax ever! As the intro of "Be Aware" reminds us, it's been over 10 years since the last "Koolfang"-release. Times change and so does this side-project of Pete and David. Nice and warm downbeat tracks followed by minimal, housy tracks that could perfectly fit in any current techhouse set.

Tracks like "Fuerteventura" really match the ambience, it's like lying on the beach of any canary island in a late evening. In conclusion, "Koolfang III" is a perfect mix of styles - the right soundtrack for relaxed summer nights on the beach or even in your garden's pool.

A little minus only because of the excessive and "too chilled/sexy" vocals - I don't really get into them. Rating: 9/10

(review by Sven Kössler)

Opener and title track "Be Aware" gave me a bit of a surprise straight away on this third installment in the "Koolfang" series; have PK and Move D been listening to Prince or 80s Chicago House legend Jamie Principle? It's a sexed-up funk groove with a breathy voice riding a minimal analog drum groove, chords, and funky bass. On to track two, "Don't Be a Spooner", and we are into minimal techno territory with a track that sounds like a FAX take on Lil Louis' "French Kiss". The voice returns for track 3 "Fuerteventura" - a gorgeous slow sultry groove which went down very well on my walk into work this morning in the heat of summer. Track 4 "Jeanne" opens with twisting synths and reverberant stabs before dropping into a deep luxuriant techno track with some familiar PK sounds floating over the top. The next tune "All The Motions" sees that voice again and things slow right down into another track led by analog drums, wordless vocals, and some jazzy flourishes. Staying with the jazz, closer "Here Comes The Rain" heads into "Virtual Vices" territory with a vocodered voice and cool jazz guitar from PK over a slow evolving backdrop. Overall, an excellent CD that explores that middle-ground between jazz and techno that PK and David Moufang do so well and there are a few suprises thrown in there to keep us on our toes. It's also music with some soul to it and although detractors may say it's music stuck in the past it's still a million times better than all the Autechre/Pole/Aphex copyists out there at the moment. More please!

(review by Bob Lewis)

A friend of mine brought me this cd and at first I was a little bit sceptic about Pete's recent works after hearing "Music For Urban Meditation". I hadn't heard the previous titles in the Koolfang series so I was getting more and more curious while listening to this album. From the first track "Be Aware", a gentle jazzy feeling grabs your attention and some sweet vocal lyrics tell you a dream story. There are some percussions serving as a background or a reference point for the listener. "Don't Be A Spooner" pushes up the tempo with 4/4 straight kick drum and shortened techno leads dominate the whole track. Nothing special happening in there. "Fuerteventura" brings back the jazzy vibes and male vocals draw a dreamy picture again. The rhythm is slower than the previous track. Evolving pads and atmospheres give you the feeling of being on a lonely beach with the girl of your heart. Beautiful guitar appears at the middle. Nice one. "Jeanne" is my favourite track on that album. The beat is again 4/4 but there's a lot more happening than in track number two. Something like a sound of reverbed harmonica invites you to a dream travel. Some strings and constantly repeated synth pattern dominate the track. At the end another melody pushes in and the beautiful landscape seems to be completed. "All The Motions" slows the overall tempo again. Jazzy and a little melancholic mood. Male and vocoded vocals repeat throughout the whole track. "Here Comes The Rain" finishes this album in a relaxed but rather melancholic way. Extremely beautiful synth lead and atmospheres bring you to a mistful state. Nice closing. I think that the music in this album is more accessible than some of Peter's recent works. If you like sweet and intelligent jazzy vibes,then this one is for you. It is worth giving it many listens. 8/10

(review by Daniel Simeonov)


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