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Music for Urban Meditation

 Namlook XIX - Music for Urban Meditation - PK 08/167
  Release Date: 16 February 2004
  Limitation: 1000

   Music for Urban Meditation      62.00
    Part I - VII

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook

Short technical description: 7 tracks, all with a basement of a drone or pad (some light some dark, some fine and airy, some rumbling and thick), and all dotted and varied with a couple of sparse effects and/or melody/chord fragments.

Long personal opinion: There's not much happening, really. One drone/pad fades out and the next pad/drone fades in. I tried this album on various occasions now, but it just doesn't grow on me. There's not enough substance to dive into, first place. I tried it as background music, and it started getting on my nerves, because nothing happens. I tried to listen to it more consciously in a calm and relaxed mood, and found myself waiting for some development, some build, some change (that just doesn't happen and doesn't come), and thus it started to bore me. The various fine sounds that Pete Namlook crafted here are not enough to keep me interested for an hour or so.

Maybe this is good for some sort of meditation and someone will find it is a strike of genius? Maybe I am a child of our time, and I should really do more meditation until this album starts to fulfil and satisfy me? Is this the message? I don't know. Until I find out, I'll stick with my opinion that all of these 7 tracks would be nice as an intro, our outro, or filler, for a more sophisticated album with more variation, but as a whole album, its just not enough.

(review by Alexander Kunz)


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