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New Organic Life III

 Namlook XVIII - New Organic Life III - PK 08/166
  Release Date: 28 October 2002
  Limitation: 2000

   Pixelconference                                 7.35
   Nocturnal Right Environment                     5.59
   Grainology                                      1.53
   Organic Engine                                 11.28
   Interview with New and Native Organic Life     13.44
   Russia's NOL in Space                          12.17
   Grain City                                      5.06

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook 

I have to admit to not being particularly keen on the first two NOL releases. Whilst interesting to listen to maybe once or twice, I always felt that there was no longevity in the Granular Synthesis music featured throughout these albums. It was therefore with some caution that I purchased the third disc in the series.

I have to say, that whilst still not exactly what you would call "accessible" music, the sounds on NOL III do have a great deal more in the way of interest to them. As well as the usual granular sounds whooshing around the listener, here we also have additional analogue sounds to fill out the overall sound. Cavernous spaces are filled with distant unidentifiable noises, but with more recognizable sounds of Namlook's synth pads. This advance in the NOL sound can be heard to best effect on the tracks "Organic Engine" and "Russia's NOL in Space", and in the case of the latter, there's even something that comes very close to being a melody! The warmth of the analogue sounds throughout this album certainly make for a more satisfying listen, contrasting nicely with the usual granular sounds.

The most effective way I can think of to sum up this album is that it would make an ideal complimentary soundtrack to listen to when travelling on a city underground or subway system. In comparison with the previous two NOL releases, this has to be the best of the three. Recommended for those who enjoy Monolake's more ambient moments, but not recommended for those who like a melody or three. With this in mind, I feel that Namlook has really done the NOL idea to death now, and so hopefully he will choose a different style of music when he inevitably comes to record Namlook XIX.

(review by Andrew Firth)


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