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Virtual Vices IV

 Virtual Vices IV - PK 08/165
  Release Date: 14 October 2002
  Limitation: 2000

   Femto                       11.50
   Sat Mute                    11.26
   We Don't Mind the Rain      11.04
   Sons and Daughters          11.22
   Philomela Nocturne          17.10

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook and Wolfram Spyra

femto - a single ambient sequence gradually builds into a deep spacey, beat oriented journey. you are relaxed, calmed and amazed at the vastness around you. -4:30 the ambience builds with a new layer. amazing progression in this track.

sat mute - starts with the same "sounds" as femto, however the melody is taken one step further into funky, yet mellow techno track. spyra certainly shines.

we don't mind the rain - sonic rain beating on vinyl. there are some experimental cricket sounds in the summer rain. -9:10 the music moves into an even funkier synth line. a very happy track that is not afraid to be jazzy and loungey.

sons and daughters - a continuation of the jazzy chill out session. namlook is the one who shines this time, with his guitar blazing in the lounge. did you know namlook can play a mean guitar? -5:40 is a highlight funky sequence.

philomela nocturne - starts off as darker ambience and the sound of voices in your head building into a bursting climax. instantly we are forged into the darkness. drifting namlook elements find me staring into the universe. -4:50 the track interludes with the voices in your head, but fade quickly. this ends with three minutes of mind melting ambient bliss. very deep, slow moving, ambient tones.

(review by jackthetab)

once again i am reminded of some of the original qualities that brought me to fax. when i heard the track virtual vices from the first release in the series, i thought the hands of the cosmic conscious had laid it's energy into my soul and lifted me from whence it came. we don't mind the rain does much the same for me. these two tracks have a more conventional melody - chorus structure, but hold tight and beam of peter and mr. spyra. these guys are at there best together when it's about bouncing jazz chords, riffs, and grooves.

some might argue that femto is the base of this fine album. ragged structured synth waveforms pave the way for light and artful high melody tones with the perfect stroll along 'lose me in the wistful fog' accompaniment, while the grounding bass tones don't let you fly too far away from your car seat. the whole time, we are kept in focus with a tight 'minimal' (i use that loosely) style percussion rhythm that has an excellent change pattern just to show us the path leads off in other directions. again with this track, we are brought back to reference points, but deservedly so, as this cut very much represents a spiritual journey.

if we were to call femto an awakining of sorts, sad mute might be a journey. many classical journeys have the elements of excitement, foucus, surprise, challange, discovery and finality. to mention it again, a conventional style forms this journey, and the elements can be found.

i love mr. kuhlmann's guitar. all of it. as many could recognize hendrix, garcia, or clapton, peter has carved his niche out from a lot of generic jazz players. the guitar saves this song for me. i hate to say it, but sons and daughters reminds me of a tango or something of the sort. it could fit for a day hanging around the pool, perhaps.

considering the continuity of this album, i find philomela nocturne a little awkward. it seems to pick up where the first 1:53 of we don't mind the rain left off, but does nothing much more than that. i feel the anticipation and yearning of the beginning of track 3, but 17:10 of ambient drones after a good session of jazz and peel takes away from the album. in my understanding the concept of artist projects, continuity doesn't always apply to fax albums, so if you haven't heard the album and you're reading this, take it with a grain of star dust!

(review by myopically)


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