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Live in Heidelberg 2001

 Move D/Namlook VI - Live in Heidelberg 2001 - PK 08/160
  Release Date: 19 November 2001
  Limitation: 2000

   Enjoy Jazz                       10.29
   The Grue Bleen Paradox            6.56
   Pi Machine                        9.25
   Footer                            9.02
   Der Bergkönig                     7.39
   Archer's Nocturnal Doubling       6.52
   False Decodings                   3.00

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook and David Moufang

Prior to the release of Wired several months ago Fax (in this humble writer's opinion) had failed to chalk up a genuine 'classic' for well over two years. Therefore, the release of Wired was not only a landmark in itself but, also indicated that perhaps it was still a label capable of spearheading the field of electronic music. So, my expectations for this most recent collaboration between Pete Namlook and David Moufang were understandably high but, of course, the obvious question being whether this release would be as strong? In a nutshell, I have to say that I don't think it is ... yet, for a live album, there are certainly some impressive tracks. I would have to recommend this before, for example, the live album which Namlook recorded with Schulze at the Hamburg Jazz festival in May '99. However, the significant difference between this release and Wired is basically a decline in the dominance of substance over style and therefore, we have something which is less consistent. Nevertheless, it is enjoyable.

Enjoy Jazz - appropriately titled as this represents the most jazz orientated excursion into that particular field by any Fax artist to date. The whole piece is underpinned by a 'double bass' line which gives way to some nice synth bass (but, then returns again) and is duly sprinkled with trademark Move D touches and ... some better than average Namlook guitar! Traditional jazzbo's would probably throw their hands up in the air if they heard this one but, pooh on jazzbo's I say!

The Grue Bleen Paradox - this one starts in a very grandiose and promising manner but, rapidly becomes a sort of Wechelspannung type track that I'd ultimately have to class as just filler.

Pi Machine - I'll forgive them for ripping off a beat from their superb '97 collaboration A Day In The Live because this one actually develops really nicely and puts the album firmly back on track. Funky.

Footer - uh-oh, going off the rails again with a totally derivative (read, unoriginal) slab of 90's/Chemical Brothers dance, which frankly doesn't belong on here.

Der Bergkonig - hey, these guys are playing with me ... this is a really hypnotic track that becomes more and more irresistible each time I play it. Don't really like the voice effects (overkill) but, the simple sequence upon which they increasingly layer and build is highly addictive. The best track on the disc.

Archer's Nocturnal Doubling - basically, see comments above for track 2.

False Decodings - a dreamy, three minute gem which closes the album to great effect ... and would have made an even greater impression had they worked it up into something twice as long.

Overall then, a partly inconsistent release yet, one with more than sufficient quality content to keep your average Faxhead suitably amused. Don't expect anything radically new but, in the main it's extremely well executed stuff. Nice artwork too ... give me minimalism before over-design any day. It beats me though how Namlook keeps getting himself into these live Jazz events - they must be a very broad-minded bunch over there in Deutschland.

(review by Paul Milligan)


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