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New Organic Life II

 Namlook XVII - New Organic Life II - PK 08/159
  Release Date: 10 September 2001
  Limitation: 2000

   In the Beginning There Was Grain    2.49
   In and Out of Zoom                  3.35
   Jet - Final Test                    9.18
   Molecular Progression #3            2.35
   Pixel Party                         3.34
   Airport Freak                       6.37
   Take Me With You to the Stars       6.09
   Inun                                6.22
   Sundance of the Microbes            4.35
   Genetic Synthesis                   6.50 

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook

I have to be honest and say that I am struggling to differentiate this new granular disc from Pete's first. As far as I can tell, there seems to be little scope for compositional variety using this tool. It begins in much the same way as NOL 1, continues in a similar vein and finishes up leaving the listener scratching his head, in much the same way as the first did.

Had NOL 1 not been issued, I would say that, whilst rather heavy going, it is certainly an interesting twist in Namlook's development as an artist. However, the first disc was issued, and its very existence renders this second chapter completely redundant. In short: not the best value I have ever got out of #14 and a strong argument against being a fax completist if ever there was one. It all smacks a little bit of laziness. I get the feeling this disc could have been issued in a limited run of 500, and there will still be copies readily available in a few years time.

Sorry, Pete, but your new CD is pretty poor, and seems to be a rather cynical attempt to exploit the purses of the FAX faithful. I await Psychonavigation 5 with considerably more interest.

Nice artwork, though.

Save your cash, or buy the new Pub or Orchestra Terrestrial CDs instead (if you can find them!).

(review by Edward Jones)


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