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Silence V

 Silence V - PK 08/157
  Release Date: 30 April 2001
  Limitation: 2000

   Asbendos               13.01
   While Angels Sleep      8.42
   Master of the Sky       9.04
   Ancient Beauty         12.50
   Picnic                 10.38

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook

Listened to the new Silence today over and over again. V is simply a good match to the other parts of the series. Neither better nor worse, in my opinion, just a good sequel that should please everybody who liked one of the former releases. The only obvious slight conceptual differences from previous Silence parts are the soprano vocals from Jenny Gibbert whose voice already appeared on Virtual Vices II and The Fires of Ork II, and the guitar showing up in the second half of the last track. No innovation, but sublime, yearning, classic sound...

(review by Wolfgang Röttger)

What can I say? A return to form, at long last, from Mr Kuhlmann! There is no real technical innovation in there, but when the music sounds as sublime (in places - and these make up the vast majority of the disc) as this, who cares? This one is a more natural successor to "Silence III", and is certainly the best thing the label has put out for some time. The opening track is a very static, beautiful piece of sustained melodic ambience, with subtle string textures and a soprano vocal. Gorgeous. Elsewhere we see the long awaited return of "the voice" of Silence, muttering the usual inconsequential pretentious rubbish about peace and tranquility etc., but in an acoustically appealing way.

All this praise from a self-confessed jaded FAX cynic as myself must mean that it is worth a purchase.

(review by Edward Jones)


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