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4 Voice III

 4 Voice III - PK 08/155
  Release Date: 23 October 2000
  Limitation: 3000

   I Saw a Satellite               2.36
   The Cosmick Packing Order       7.16
   No Evidence                     8.58
   Shmooz                          7.29
   The Place of Mankind            7.02
   The Space Driver                9.12

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook
   except 6 by Pete Namlook and Marc Romboy

Kick it! Surprising lightweight stuff this is: Pete throwing in all poppy strings and cheap thrill drum patterns he could find into what must be some of the most ready to consume albums. FAX MAX: comes with a multi colored straw and ready to pick selection of "life in outer space" and sighing female samples.

There are some more intelligent moments but over all this is pure fun with a lot of melodic strings and pumping beats ready for immediate shipping to spanish isles. It sounds plain commercial but in a delicious pseudo way. I really enjoy 4 Voice.

(review by Jean-Marc Dekesel)

(I saw a satellite) The first 2.36 lead us exactly where we left the last 4Voice album. Fine voice-samples (like the track's name "I saw a satellite") combined with smooth filter-sweeps make this one a perfect opening for this new 4Voice-CD.

(The Cosmic Packing Order) As we expected from former albums, we start our "real" trip with another trance track. A 4/4 Bassdrum (this time, Pete chose a quite tough kick), groovy basslines and a melodic lead-melody make this one a typical dancefloor-track (but with Pete's very special touch). The background-sound reminds me a bit on the first minutes of "The real World (Namlook XV)"

(No Evidence) A wonderful female-voice sets the background for this downbeat-track. Guided by various voice-samples and classic melodies, we are sent on a long journey in order to get in contact with life in space. I like that one very much, best track on this album, in my opinion! In conclusion: "There's no evidence for life in space. There's no evidence for love in life", but, listen to the end!

(Shmooz) Underworld (Jumbo)-Bassline meets Namlook in Space. A smooth 7.29 non-beat track introducing Pete's guitar one more time. If you like the typical ambient style, this one is the highlight of this album!

(The Place of Mankind) Another old school trance track. This one could have been on the first 4Voice album, not worth talking about any further.

(The Space Diver) This time, Pete meets Marc Romboy for a smooth housey-track. The lead-melody sounds a bit like "popcorn 2001". Nice track to bring this album to an end.

In my opinion, 4Voice III is a nice listening album-trance-album but without ear-catching melodies like "Eternal Spirit" or experimental tracks like "New York, 25th of November 2089". Some may be disappointed, others might like it, I think Track 3 & 4 are worth being taken in every Fax-collection.

(review by Sven Kössler)


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