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Air IV

 Air IV - PK 08/144 (also AW 031)
  Release Date: 8 February 1999
  Limitation: 2000

   La nuit de tous nos rêves approche       6.47
   Clearing Your Head                       8.12
   On Her Way In                            9.23
   Elle a du Shell                          5.44
   Synthetique Be-Bop                       2.19
   Sex-au-phone                            10.39
   On Her Way Out                          10.58

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook

Note for the curious: I do not yet have Air III, but that is being arranged. :-)

1. La Nuit...: Judging from the introduction, this opening track could easily have been an outtake from Sultan if it weren't for the French aspect. Other than the introductory aspects, though, this is definitely Air material. At a couple of points, I hear a sample of glissando guitar that might be from a Hawkwind track somewhere.

2. Clearing Your Head: Low droning and Swamp noises accompanied by occasional obscured and backwards droning female voice.

3. On Her Way In: Ambient trance with some 4otF. Very danceable. At about 4:45, a bit of an old-school melody comes in. Good trance.

4. Elle a du Shell: This is WEIRD. What the heck are the voices saying? This title track is >very< dorky, and tongue-in-cheek to be sure. It's like Namlook is really trying to ridicule the French stereotype.

5. Synthetique Be-Bop: Eep! This track is almost as weird as the preceding one! Sounds like something Patrick Moraz might have recorded in his more disco-days.

6. Sex-au-phone: The highlight of the album. Great saxophone by Robert Sattler over a perfectly ambient accompaniment.

7. On Her Way Out: This is most like the original Air. Also a bit more like Tangerine Dream in the early '80s.

Well, I'm having more trouble connecting with this one, simply because of the tongue-in-cheek middle tracks. I mean, those two tracks do not exactly represent what I would expect from the Air series (other than the obvious French voices). Other than those tracks, however, the album is great.

So, on a scale of 1 to 10, Air I being a 9.5 and Air II being a 9, Air IV gets a . . . 7.

(review by Damon Capehart)

Peter once again manages to make things fresh, while at the same time keeping the 'feel' of the series intact. The first phrase that comes to mind when listening to this record is probably "space age bachelor pad." This is probably the 'lounge-iest' record I've ever heard from Peter. (and I've certainly heard my share) From the piano bar sounds of the title track, to the provocative sax on 'Sex-au-phone,' this album is what one might refer to as 'smooth.' Now, there is a definite "been hanging out quite a bit with Klause" old school polyrhythmic spaceyness at work here too. (i.e. On Her Way In & Out) And of course, the lovely French voiceover starts us on our journey . (La nuit de tous nos rêves approche) A wonderful record all the way around. I'm still leaning a bit toward Air III as the best in the series, but I have a feeling this record is going to grow on me. (and you)

(review by Jeffrey Smith)


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