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The Dark Side of the Moog VII

 The Dark Side of the Moog VII - PK 08/143 (also AW 032)
  Release Date: 23 November 1998
  Limitation: 3000

   Obscured by Klaus      50.00
    Part I - VI

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook, Klaus Schulze and Bill Laswell (III)

A little shorter than the others, and even then, it stretches out a bit. [Don't most FAX releases? :-) ] It's still quite good, though. Almost as good as DSotM V (my personal fave). The breakdown:

Part 1 (4:59): Namlook (?) starts us off with a nice dark sequence, which provides Klaus with the basis for his deep Klaus-y chords to enter. The sequence gradually becomes more intense and rhythmic as the chords continue and eventually fade as we segue into...

Part 2 (7:22): The sequence continues, crescendos, and the percussion loop enters. As good as any of the DSotM trancey numbers (like DSotM V, part 3, but w/out Laswell).

Part 3 (18:58): Ambient and soundscapey. This is where the stretching out is. It is quite nice, though. As 18:00 approaches, the sequence from the end of Part 1 / beginning of Part 2 slithers up from behind every so sneakily and into...

Part 4 (6:34): ...A variation on Part 2, modulating some, and with brighter analog tones (think "BWOYYYY!"), then back to a more faithful rendition of Part 2, and then the brighter tones over the faithful Part 2. I like.

Part 5 (3:42): Mellotron-ish interlude. Nice, as far as mellotron interludes go.

Part 6 (8:09): Ambient and soundscapey - a bit darker than Part 3, plus a bit of piano to give the finale a nice, sad color.

Score: With DSotM V being a 10, this is a 9 (for brevity only).

(review by Damon Capehart)


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